Frolics of the jiva

We saw earlier that the jiva has forgotten the Lord.This is because it has got a temporary lease of the delightful city of nine gates.It is busy exploring the limitless sights,sounds,tastes which is now available.

 Aakarshuka hey adbhuta pattana
 Panchendriyaanka hey khelaangana.
 Attractive indeed is this wonderful city
It is the playground for the five senses.
 Elsewhere Bhagavatha has compared the jiva to the harrowed husband of five lovely and lovely wives. Each is trying to pull him away from others and keep him occupied.We have all experienced at some time the all compelling pull of taste buds,attractive odours,comforting touches,sexual attractions etc.

Owing to such competing forces all the time the living being has no time to remember his dearest friend and well wisher and nearest neighbour ,the Supreme Lord.So near yetsofar.

Because of these and such frolics,the jiva is not able to discern the passing away of time and its closing in ,slowly but surely.And yet we are not inclined to think of our resident well wisher.

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The nine gated city

We saw the launch of the human being in the earlier note.Effectively the living being or the jiva got himself/herself a lease nominally for hundred years of a wonderful nine gated city,the smartest of all cities,eco friendly and self sufficient in all respects. We learn from the Bhagavatha that Brahma the creator was overjoyed when he created the human being,the most evolved among the 84 lakhs of species.

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The baby born of Sage Paraashara and Matsyagandhaa was named as Krushna. Born on a dweepa (island) he was also called Dwaipaayana. He became well-versed in scriptures and earned the title as a Sage. He studied and edited the Revelations and codified them into four Vedas. Subsequently, he wrote Brahmasootras, the essence of Vedas in terse Aphorisms (Sootra is short and terse sentences and phrases, whereas Stotras are poetical Hymns in praise of Gods). Thus we have Vedavyaasa, Vyaasa means an editor, though the common meaning is a diameter. Continue reading UDDHAVA GEETAA


Praana is an invisible and unmanifest Force and part of the Being. The Being is Brahman, Jehovah, Allah and is given different Names. Praana, also called Mukhyapraana to distinguish IT from many other Praanas, descends as a Upa-avataara – Hanuman is Tretaa yuga.Madhwaachaarya and Samartha Raamadas were Upa-avataaras in recent times. Also called Amshaavataara. All Avataaraas are partial, as all attributes of God do not manifest. Krushna was a Poornaavataara, the descent being in full resplendance with all Kalaas manifest. Continue reading Praanaayaama

Guru Granth Sahib

Sikhism  was born of the tumultuous bhakti movement of medieval period when religious bigotry was at its peak. Wandering minstrels, saints and sufis  spread the message of love for god and of brotherhood, with their soul stirring compositions.

GRANTH SAHIB OF THE SIKHS is a collection of outpourings of the founder of  Sikhism , Guru Nanak and four gurus who followed him and also 15 other minstrels and bards. Guru Arjun Dev, the fifth  guru, collected all and the ADI GRANTH  was consecrated. Continue reading Guru Granth Sahib

Note @ Mumbai, Maharashtra

Birth, death, living being and the whirligig.

Birth and death are but two stages in the journey of jiva,the living being in this whirligig called samsaara-samsarati iti samsaara- the living being keeps on moving.The living being is also called jiva. Mamaivaamso jivalokay jivabhooto sanaatanah-jiva is My own amsaa or fragment and is eternal.There was  never a time when you were not there nor I was not there.You do not remember but I do-says Krishna to Arjuna in the Gita.

 Embodiment of the Jiva and its launch into this world is birth.Disembodiment or ridding the body from the jiva,who flies away from it,is death.
Let us look at birth in a little greater detail..A living being is extremely infinitesmal in size.Several thousands of jivas can be housed on the tip of a pin,they say.
Living beings floating around in space are washed down by rain and fall in the fields,become a part of the food grains or other produce in the fields such as fruits,vegetables etc.When human beings or animals eat these foods,they become a part of their semen. During sexual intercourse the living being in the semen is lodged in the mothers womb.
The process of the growth of the living being and its gradual embodiment over a period of nine months is described in great detail in Srimad Bhagavatham.
Vedic mantras chanted at time of marriage as well as during the garbaadhaana ceremoney also beseech the Lord to give good progeny-satprajaa-to the couple.Over a period of nine months,the physical body,various limbs such as eyes,ears,hands,legs,skin,bones,marrow etc. are all produced in situation around the growing embriyo,which is all through fed thru the umbellical chord connecting the embriyo to the mother.Whatever the mother eats,child in the womb gets to partake. The pathetic travails of the child in the womb is described in the Bhagavatha, in the girbha stuti ,where it prays for the cessation of these travails,not being able to bear it any longer,and vowing never to return to the womb and asking the Lord’s help in making that happen.

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Growing up with your child

While  accepting generous donations  in New York , Mother  Theresa told the audience – I thank you for  helping me  to help the poor  in other parts of the world . But in your country , you have hunger too. There is hunger for love.

True, wealth cannot buy love. Money  can satisfy the hunger of the stomach  ; not the emotional hunger of the heart. For healthy  growth of your child , both qualities of head and of heart are to imbibed by the child.  The school  help  educating the child but parents  at home have the more important  aspect of molding its character.

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A new Way, A new Path

In a dream you are in great danger and you struggle to get free. When you wake up, you find yourself safe in bed.  You dream you are sight-seeing over the world.  We you wake up you find you have not left the bed.

The Lord says in the Geethaa that he lives in the heart of everyone.   And he proceeds to preach ways and means to reach him.  Calls them Maarga, a path.  Everyone feels is on a Raajamarga, the Royal Path.

Yoga is another name he uses for Marga.  To connect you to him (although you are one with Him !)

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