Chapter 29. Concluding instructions to Uddhava; Uddhava proceeds to Badrikashhrama, attains to the Lord following instructions.

In the 29th chapter, the Lord concludes the instructions to Uddhava, which commenced in Chapter 7. Uddhava submits to the Lord that the yogic discipline recommended by the Lord is extremely difficult for one who has not been able to control the mind. Therefore he begs the Lord for explicit and simple instructions through which a man may easily attain perfection.

Men who are capable of distinguishing the substantial from the unsubstantial easily and definitely resort to the lotus feet of the Lord. Handicapped however are those deluded by the Lord’s Maya, who being proud of their self knowledge and knowledge of ritual acts do not resort to the Lord. Responding to this question, the Lord says, that ones mind and intellect should be totally dedicated to the Lord; mind and soul should find delight in the course of conduct pleasing to the Lord.

Gradually he should learn to perform all actions for the sake of the Lord, remembering Him all the time. One should take abode in holy lands inhabited by pious souls and follow their conduct. Pure of mind, he should behold the Supreme Lord alone ,as pervading within as well as without. Realizing that Sri Hari is present in all created beings, one should honor all beings, rejecting none. In such a mind, spirit of rivalry, tendency to find fault, feeling of contempt and self-conceit disappear before long. Such a devotee realizes that the entire creation is under the control of the Supreme Lord.

With such knowledge and his own innate intelligence, he realizes that Sri Hari is distinct from everything else. To recognize the Lord’s presence in all created beings as their Inner Controller through the active agency, the mind, speech and body – this is considered to be the best of all disciplines leading to liberation. The Lord says that he who treasures in his mind this question of Uddhava as well as this discourse containing the Lord’s reply will realize the everlasting transcendent Brahman that is hidden in the Vedas. He who imparts this knowledge to the devotees of the Lord will be rewarded by the Lord by conferring Himself on them. A man who attentively listening to this dialogue (chapter 7 – 29) with reverence from day to day will in effect be practicing devotion to the Lord and will not be bound by the shackles of karma.

In conclusion the Lord hoped that Uddhava has fully understood the true nature of Brahman and that his mind born infatuation and grief totally disappeared. He exhorts Uddhava (and through him all devotees) not to impart this teaching to hypocrites, unbelievers, cheats, irreverent listeners, non-devotees and insolent persons. One should impart it only to those who are utterly devoid of the above faults. Nothing remains to be known by a seeker of knowledge after knowing this. When having relinquished all duties a mortal dedicates himself to the Lord,he is chosen by the Lord as an object of special favor, and attaining immortality, he then attains the Lord. Hearing this conclusion, Uddhava’s throat was choked with emotion, tears welling up in the eyes,and he could not utter a word immediately. Controlling his mind Uddhava said, ” the thick darkness of ignorance that had been hugged by me has been dispersed by Your teaching. My affection for kith and kin, a product of Your Maya, has been torn asunder by You with the sword of self realization “. The Lord instructed Uddhava to proceed to Badarikashram and spend the rest of his life in contemplation upon whatever has been learnt by him, devoting speech, mind and body, totally to the Lord, as a necessary prelude to his finally attaining the Lord.

Instructed thus by the Lord, though alarmed by his impending separation from Sri Krishna, Uddhava agonizingly makes a departure after circumambulating the Lord and bowing to Him again and again. Having firmly installed the Lord in his heart, Uddhava reaches Badari and practicing austerities according to rules attained to the state of Sri Hari, as taught by the Lord. He who tastes ever so little with reverence this nectar of wisdom churned out of the ocean of bliss and taught to Uddhava by Sri Krishna is not only liberated himself but the world at large gets liberated through his fellowship. Thus concludes the twenty ninth chapter.

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