Shruti Gita – an English translation of 94th chapter of the 10th canto of Sri Bhagavata

A new book ‘Shruti Gita – an English translation of 94th chapter of the 10th canto of Sri Bhagavata’, based on Sri Madhvacharya’s Bhagavata Tatparya Nirnaya, was released recently.

This book is authored by Sri VM Pai, and published under ‘Srimad Bhagavata Prakashana Trust’.

The book is priced Rs.200. Those who are interested in having a copy, may please send me a mail at (

Below are few snippets about the work:
“Summarized in twenty seven  shlokas of this chapter and is a veritable treasure dealing with the excellences of the Supreme Lord, and forms the essence of the entire veda, Purana and Upanishads extracted by Sanaka and others, the ancient seers in the lineage and under the shelter of Brahma. These 27 shlokas expound as many srutis appearing in the different samhitas of the veda.
According to Sri Madhwacharya, Bhagavan Vedavyasa, out of compassion codified the essence of the srutis in these 27 sholkas and placed them in this massive 10th Skanda of Srimad Bhagavatham, so that they are available to the discerning and qualified aspirant reader.
The present work comprises of
  • Translation into English of all the 50 shlokas of the 94th chapter, including translation of the corresponding srutis.
  • Translation into English of the corresponding Sanskrit commentary in Bhagavatha Tatparya Nirnaya (BTN) of Sri Madhwacharya.
  • Translation into English of the supporting commentary by H.H.Srimad Vijayadhwaja Teertha Swamiji of Pejavar Adhokshaja Math.
  • Supporting commentary by Sri Bannanje Govindacharya from the book ‘Sarvamula granthaah’ pertaining to Bhagavata Tatparya Nirnaya”
Sri Bannanje Govindacharya says about this work  “Shruthigeetha is not only the cream of Bhagavata but the cream of all the Vedas, just like the fifteenth chapter of Bhagavad Gita. It is a very difficult task to translate this Shruthigeetha which is full of deep philosophical thoughts into any other tongue! Sri V.M.Pai has studied the text with Madhvacharya’s bhashya and has somehow successfully translated it into a foreign tongue, i.e. English

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