Science in Blunderland !

My mother had lost control of her mind towards her last days in 1978 . Or so I thought. But one day, her talk struck me dumb. I had been reading geethaa for 40 years and upanishads for 20 years and here in a flash of a second she enlightened me on a truth proclaimed in both the scriptures –that everything is predetermined. Kenopanishad stood revealed.
She has studied only upto second standard and that too only bible lessons in the missionary school. She had not read geethaa even.

Einstein , the greatest scientist of our times, , had said-everything is predetermined ,the beginning as well as the end, by forces over which we have no control. It is determined for the insect as well for star( forget the puny man in between ). Human beings,vegetables ,or cosmic dust , we all dance to the tune,intoned in a distance by an invisible piper.
In short, einstein had said earlier –god does not play dice. His every move moves the way he intends. Nothing left to chance.

Science says the three main functions in our bodies are involuntary. Thereby science has made a eunuch of the man.. He cannot stand up and say-I breathe. Who is that something or someone who breathes for you and me if I do not actually breathe? Even during sleep, breathing conitnues undisturbed.
Read kenopanishad and be blessed.

Science has just covered its ignorance on the secret of breathing. Growing of hair and nails, batting of eyelids etc are equally involuntary if science has its way.

Every action of ours is preceeded by a feeling to act so. We feel hungry , we eat. Children feel like jumping , you see them jump, climb trees, hang by branches. You can not stop them. They cannot stop themselves either. The earth hurtles round the sun. Action is the mode in the universe. Dog has no job but it has no time to sit and think as a tulu proverb goes. That is all the kenopanishad says.

A seminal study made in 1983 in harvard university has proved that all our actions are in process before we know they will be occurring. Action is not the result of a conscious process that we think we initiate. It is a result of brain process.

In labs it has been measured that brain initiates an action 300 milliseconds prior the participient becoming aware of the impending action.

When you speak you come to know of what is spoken only after you speak and hear them! You are just a tool .

Einstein began by saying God is a creation of a weak mind. After Nobel Prize, he said god is not playing dice.
God is a creation of our mind , scientists say. This looks true but really false. Our mind is a powerful tool God has given us. We can give as shape and name to a god of our imagination . It is transient . IT IS NOT GOD AS HE REALLY IS. HOW CAN A TOOL IMAGINE IT CAN CREATE ITS CREATOR? Can a robot create a man?

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