Sudhindra Era in Kashi Math

With Srimad Sudhindra Tirtha attaining mukthi yesterday,an epoch making era not only in Kashi Math history but also of the Gsb community and the sanathan samaj in the country has come to an end.

During  the 72 years of his sanyasi life from 1944 to 2016 and during his reign of 67 years as mathadhipathi from 1949 to 2016,he provided strong and decisive spiritual and dharmic leadership to the community spanning 5 generations.The country in this period witnessed tumultuous changes in political,social and economic changes during this period.Swamiji made particularly strong impact on the young generation.

He provided a powerful northern orientation to the samaj indicative of our roots as northern vedic brahmins,thru building historic monumental temples to Vedavyasa in Haridwar and Kalpi. By extending branches of Kashi math from Rameswaram in the south to Badarinath in the north and again Dahisar in the west to Calcutta in the east,He made possible the integration of gsb samaj all over India.

His stress on leading simple spiritual life as well as on daana and sacrifice and showing by example what these words mean is a great inspiration to the community.He tackled the serious crisis of a recalcitrant shishya with great patience ,compassion and acumen and ultimately provided a worthy successor in  Srimad Samyamendra Tirtha Swamiji,the 21st Guru who will be coronated to the illustrious Peetha on 28th January at Haridwar.Glory to Shri Hari And Shri Guru.

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