Learn from Rama – Part 2

कथञ्चिदुपकारेण कृतेनैकेन तुष्यति |
न स्मरत्यपकाराणां शतमप्यात्मवत्तया || २-१-११

Rama, is glad even for the smallest help offered to Him, by others. Never does He remember any number of bad things done to him.

Lord Rama asks us to be happy and grateful for the small help done by others. Do not forget those who helped you when you needed; and not just those who provided significant assistant, but even those who helped you in small ways. You never know when you may need help from the same person. Also, the reason for you being what you are today, could be because of those small help provided by others.

The theory that is taught these days is to remember those who have hurt you too. But that is not what Rama teaches. Even if someone tries to hurt you in multiple ways innumerable times, remembering it and being vengeful about it makes no sense. The revenge, the thought to put down someone just because h/she caused you a harm long ago, would mean they too will wait for an opportunity for revenge. The more we go into this, the more we are pulled into the vicious cycle never to return. So, Rama says, do not harbour vengeance. Forget all the bad things done to you by others. But never forget even the smallest help provided by others unto you!

Let such Rama who stays in every being and provides us timely help, make us remember Him constantly. Let such Rama remove the seed of vengeance in us.

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