Learn from Rama – 6

Rama with His citizens: Mingle with your men

पौरान् स्वजनवन्नित्यं कुशलं परिपृच्छति | पुत्रेष्वग्निषु दारेषु प्रेष्यशिष्यगणेषु च ||
निखिलेनानुपूर्व्याच्च पिता पुत्रानिवौरसान् | २-२-३८

Rama enquires about the well-being of his people, as though they were his own, like a father does to his sons. He asks about their wives and children, about their servants and students, and in a perfect order.

Rama, the prince of one of the biggest Kingdom of those times, is very humble and mingles with His citizens in a very simple manner. With His limitless love, Rama, when He meets the citizens, asks them about their kith and kin, even about their students and servants. He is not doing it superficially; He knows every person in Ayodhya and hence His queries are genuine. Rama is not enquiring just about the rich and popular people, He is also inquiring about the well-being of students, of servants of the house that He visits, such is His affection.
Even at the Ashramas, Rama after paying due respects to the Rishis, asks ‘Are your disciples serving you by properly performing their actions?’ And all this in a perfect order of – Starting with the senior-most in the house/ashram and then to the juniors.  Rama, through His actions, is teaching us to have compassion, to mingle with everyone and to share the love.
It may be comparable to the love a father has towards his children. Indeed, is He not our father?! Let such affectionate Rama, Gunabhirama, always love us and take care of our well-being.

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