Learn from Rama -10

Don’t expose your emotions; Know when to give and when not to

निभृतः संवृताकारो गुप्तमन्त्रः सहायवान् |
अमोघक्रोधहर्षश्च त्यागसंयमकालवित् || २-१-२३

Rama was modest. He did not let His emotions appear outwardly. He kept His thoughts/forethoughts, a secret. He helped others. His anger and pleasure were unfailing. He knew when to give and when to withhold.

A King is expected to keep many of the activities related to administration a secret. Lord Rama, the best King on earth, maintained this confidentiality as and when needed. Even His emotions and feelings were concealed. Many a times, we expose our emotions externally – be it happiness, sadness, excitement, despair, pain. Rama teaches us to check our emotions and hold them from being outwardly exposed. Moreover, for a King, or head of the family, a leader, or even for a person who wants to become a role model, it is very important to keep emotions and feelings in control.  Balancing of the emotions is taught in Bhagavadgita too by Lord as Krishna (सुखे दुःखे समे कृत्वा …. )

Rama, as a King, also knew when to give to His subjects and when to withhold from giving. This is also an extremely important learning for everyone, especially elders/parents. They should know when to give what the children ask for and when not to. Even for a small kid, the mother should know when to feed and when to stop; when the kids grow up too, the parents should know when to spend for them and when to control. Lord Rama, as the father of the nation, knew exactly how to take care of His citizens – giving them when they need it and withholding when not necessary.

Let Sri Rama, tread us in the right path by blessing us to balance our emotions and providing us with what is necessary.

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