Divya Dvaita Drishti – October 2016

The giving of alms (daana), visiting holy places (tirthayaatra), aus-terity (tapas), rituals and worship (yajna) are our aids towards the service of Lord. It is unflinching devotion towards Vishnu alone that liberates us. But all those are essential aids nonetheless. One cannot do away with them & attain any progress towards liberation. These tasks enable the clean-sing of inner senses making them fit to receive the knowledge of God. And it is the devotion enabled by such knowledge of God that liberates us.

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Another New Year

Years come and go.Days come and go.Moments come and go.Not a moment stands still.Movement of time is closely interlinked with the movement of the sun,which is described in great detail in Srimad Bhagavatam(SK.5_chapter 21).

The tiniest atomic particle of time is called a dwyanuka which is not perceivable to the naked eye.What is perceivable however,is a tryanuka,which is the duration it takes for a sunray to enter a darkroom thru a window which has  been just opened.A tryanuka is twice the duration of a dwyanuka.Further up the scale of time are truti,vedha,kshana and much later,muhurta,prahara,nimisha,galige,etc.and ultimately the day is over.Another day dawns.

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Madhva Navami pravachana of Samyamindra Tirtha

Below is translation of the pravachana of Sri Samyamindra Tirtha rendered on 16 Feb 2016, at Bangalore Kashi Math, on the day of Madhva navami.
[I have provided references at places possible in brackets, translations mistakes are all mine – Girish Prabhu]
We are Maadhvas!
Today is a great day for all of us. We are Madhvas and today is Madhva navami.
“Madhva sambandhinaH MaadhvaaH”. We follow Maadhva siddhanta.
“ante siddhastu siddhantaH” – this is the final philosophy. After this there has been nothing that has been made ‘siddha’. This is the ultimate philosophy, the concluding one. [ From Yukti Mallika of Sri Vadiraja ]
“anusrutya gacchanti iti anuyaayinah” “yaati iti anuyayina” “yaa gatou”
Since we follow Madhvacharya, we are His anuyayis. Our first guru is Madhva. Our parampara is Maadhva parampara. Continue reading Madhva Navami pravachana of Samyamindra Tirtha

Peetarohana of 21st Mathadipathi Of Shri Kashi Math at Haridwar

I visited Haridwar from 27 Jan to 31 Jan to attend Peetaarohana of Srimad Samyameendra Tirtha swamiji,following Mukthi of Srimad. Sudhindra Tirtha Swamiji at  Haridwar in the early hours of 17th Jan.

Vrindavan of Sudhindra Tirtha has been located inside the Vyasa Mandir at Haridwar  on the circulambulatory path around the inner temple on the right side of Sri Vadavyasa and on the left side of SARASWATI temple .Vrindavan is now in the initial stage of construction.

Aaraadhana Mahotsava was held between 22 and 26th Jan.The weather was chilling cold between 22 max and 6 min.

Peetaarohana was held on 28th Jan in which mover 3500 people from all over India and few from overseas attended. This was a grand function and historical function which heralded the ascension to the peetha of the 21st Guru of  Kashi Math to lead the desciples in the 21st century.

It is the first time that a vrindavan of Kashi math swami is situated in Aaryaavirta,the original habitat of saraswata brahmins.

Gita Jayanti competitions and celebrations 2015


A report on the Bhagavad Gita Competitions held on 20th Dec and Gita Jayanti celebrations held on 21st Dec at Bangalore Shri Kashi Math.

There were 5 categories for the competition, 2 additional categories from last year

1)            Age group: less than 10 years

Chanting of verses: 1 to 10 from Chapter 12 of Bhagavadgita

2)            Age group: 10 to 18 years

Chanting of verses: 1 to 20 from Chapter 12 of Bhagavadgita

3)            Age group: greater than 18 years

Vykhyaana/Speak-up (in Konkani, Kannada, or English)

अद्वेष्टा सर्वभूतानां मैत्रः करुण एव च | निर्ममो निरहंकारः सम-दुःख-सुख-क्षमी || (Bh.Gita 12.13)

4)            Quiz competition on Lord Krishna/Mahabharata/Gita.   Members: 2 in a group

5)            Essay competition on ‘Gunas of a Bhakta’ as explained in 12th chapter


Sri Vasant Madhva Pai and Sri Sriram Nayak were the two judges for the competitions.

The competition started as planned at 9.30 am for the first category of participants. There were around 20 children, both boys and girls, wearing colorful attire and full of enthusiasm. Almost all the kids recited the first 10 verses of 12th chapter of Bhagavadgita with ease and with a wonderful grasp over memory and pronunciation. The youngest participant being Aniruddha Prabhu of age 3 years.

There were around 15 participants for the 2nd category for reciting the first 20 verses. Participants were judged for their memory, pronunciation and presentation.

As usual, the judges had tough time choosing the top 3 in each of the categories.

The 3rd category was for the commentary on the 13th verse of 12th chapter:

अद्वेष्टा सर्वभूतानां मैत्रः करुण एव च | निर्ममो निरहंकारः सम-दुःख-सुख-क्षमी

There were 10 participants for this category and each one was versatile in explaining the different aspects related to the verse and every participant adding a new dimension to the verse for which the meaning looks simple. The time-limit was set to 10 minutes within which the participants were required to summarize their understanding of the verse as they were judged for relevance and their style of presentation.

The 4th category was Essay competition on the ‘Gunas of the Bhakta’ and had to be limited to 4 long sheets, which was provided to the participant. There were again around 10 people who wrote very well on different attributes a devotee should be having.

There was a break for about an hour for lunch and mouth-watering delicacies were available for lunch. The next day being Ekadashi, it was time for everyone to savor as much as possible on the Dashami day.

The 5th category was Quiz competition. There were 14 teams which had to be brought down to 5 teams through elimination questionnaire to enter into the 2nd round and question papers were circulated to the teams. The best 5 were asked to sit on the stage where the next round would start.

The Quiz competition had multiple rounds including very interesting audio-visual rounds. In the ‘recognize-the-image’ category, participants were asked to identify the situation looking at an image displayed on the screen. In the ‘video round’, participants were required to identify the incident from Mahabharata by looking at the video being played.

Not just the participants, the audience and the organizers were also immersed in the quiz competition which got a very good response. The audience was also involved in answering questions.

Sri Sriram Nayak explained the special points regarding every question/answer and also explained in detail the incidents from Mahabharata/Bhagavata related to the question at hand, giving reference to Tatparya Nirnaya of Madhvacharya on Mahabharata and Bhagavata. Audience interest levels were at their peaks.

It needed a tie-breaker to decide on the winners of the quiz competition, as all the teams did well.

Post the tea session, Sri Sriram Nayak, spoke about the practical aspects of being a devotee of the Lord, about the intricacies in the verse which though appears simple has embedded messages for every attribute. He also gave examples of the devotees who had the attributes and also who developed such attributes taking them closer to God. He also corrected some of the misunderstandings about Tattvavada which had come up in the course of the debate.

Major part of the session was made available to be viewed live on youtube. Anyone from any part of the world could witness the live program.

The links are provided below:





Participation prize was given to all the participants which numbered close to 80; similarly the audience too collected handful of prizes for answering the questions right.

The first part of the session ended – only to continue with the second part planned on 21st of Dec 2015, the day of Gita Jayanti – for the prize distribution and cultural activities.

On the 21st, there was a music programme by Sri Gajanan Hegde and group; the lively program was attended by a crowd of nearly 50. After the music program, prizes were distributed to the winners by Sri VM Pai, Dr. Saraswati Rao and Sri Hegde.

The prize money was also big this year with the first prize winner getting Rs.2000, the second winner getting 1000 and the third one getting Rs.750.

Sri Mizar Shrinivas Pai, a devotee and philanthropist who lives in the US, generously sponsored for the whole program and the organizing committee is grateful Sri MS Pai for this.

Sri VM Pai spoke on the occasion about the increase in the participants compared to last year, about the interest shown by many for Gita, and about the importance of not ignoring the basics of the Dharma while man progresses towards the new era of technological improvements.

Sri Girish Prabhu who organized the programs on 20th and 21st was congratulated for the huge success of the program; he and his friends Nilesh and Ganesh were also appreciated for their passionate involvement in the Gita Jayanti programs.

Appendix to this report gives the names of the participants and of the 1st,2nd aand 3rd prize winners.



Prize winners in each category

Category 1 Recitation (Less than 10 years)

1st prize: Laxmi Pai

2nd prize: Venkatesh Pai

3rd prize: Niharika Shenoy

Category 2 Recitation (10 to 18 years)

1st prize: Shreesha Bhat

2nd prize: Shrihari Bhat

3rd prize: Arpita Shanbhag

Category 3 Speak-up (Above 18 years)

1st prize: Nilesh Pai

2nd prize: Jayalakshmi Pai

3rd prize: Suchetha Kamath

Category 4 Essay

1st prize: Jayalaxmi Pai

2nd prize: Sumana Bhat

3rd prize: Namrata Prabhu

Category 5 Quiz

1st prize: Nivedita Kamath and Sumana Bhat

2nd prize: Jayalaxmi Pai and Venkatesh Pai

3rd prize: Suchetha Kamath and Chandrakanth Kamath

Sudhindra Era in Kashi Math

With Srimad Sudhindra Tirtha attaining mukthi yesterday,an epoch making era not only in Kashi Math history but also of the Gsb community and the sanathan samaj in the country has come to an end.

During  the 72 years of his sanyasi life from 1944 to 2016 and during his reign of 67 years as mathadhipathi from 1949 to 2016,he provided strong and decisive spiritual and dharmic leadership to the community spanning 5 generations.The country in this period witnessed tumultuous changes in political,social and economic changes during this period.Swamiji made particularly strong impact on the young generation. Continue reading Sudhindra Era in Kashi Math

Gradation in Bhakti or Devotion to God-Part 1

Srimad Bhagavatham is a great treatise on bhakthi given to us by Bhagavan Vedavyasa. Sri Madhwa defines bhakti as follows

Maahaatmya jnaanapoorvastu sudradha sarvatodhikah

Sneho bhaktiritiprokto tayaa muktirnachaanyatha

Bhakti is the friendship which we profess towards God-a friendship which is firm and in a measure that is greater than the friendship with any other person,and with the realisation of the excellences and supremacy of God.Such bhakti alone can yield liberation which cannot be had by any other means. Continue reading Gradation in Bhakti or Devotion to God-Part 1

Dissection of Dreams!

DAILY DOSE OF DVAITA : Dissection of Dreams as per Tattvavada
(Empirical analysis of dreams based on proofs from scriptures – also see attached image)

Are dreams real? Dvaita says so. Svapna is satya. What does it mean actually?

Just like clay is the material cause (उपादान कारण) for the creation of a pot by the potter, so does the mental samskara of a person becomes the material cause for the creation of dreams by God. The creator is always God. He is the destructor too. The creation happens as one slips into sleep. It is destroyed when one slips into deep sleep. Since the dream is made of vasanas of countless lives of past and present one, they don’t have the grossness of external ingredients (panchabhutas) making up the objects around us. This perhaps applies more so for the one category among the seven identified in this note. But majority of dreams people get also happens to be in that category (See Objectification of Desires below). Continue reading Dissection of Dreams!

Sri Bhuvanendra Medical Mission

GSSS Charitable Foundation is pleased to announce its latest new proposed activity in the area of healthcare and wellness by starting ‘Sri Bhuvanendra Medical Mission’ near Bangalore Sri Kashi Math in Malleswaram,8th Main,19th cross at Malleswaram, Bangalore.This unit will offer both ayurvedic as well as allopathic medicines and therapies.The proposed center Wii be inaugurated at the Holy hands of H.H.Srimad Samyamindra Tirtha in Feb.2016.

Photo shows H.H.Srimad Sudhindra Teertha blessing the project and giving prasadam to a team of the samaj lead by President G G Shenoy,Past President V M Pai, Dr Ananth Kamath,Dr Vasudev Prabhu , Narendra Nayak, and Ganesh Shanghag at Walkeshwar Shri Kashi Math on Friday 13 November,in Mumbai.