Rama – Gunabhirama -20

He is the Lord of all; How can He have ego?

Ego is the one of the six enemies that humans are troubled by. Does Rama have ego?

अविद्यमानात्म-गुणाभिमानं मोहादहंकारमुशन्ति संतः |
अविद्यमानो न गुणोऽस्ति रामे तस्मादहंकारलवोऽपि नास्य
  || (सं। रा २।१।२)

The noble say that – due to delusion, assuming that a certain attribute exists in oneself, when it’s not there, is termed as Ahankara (Ego or pride). Sri Rama is the Lord of all. There is no attribute that He does not possess. So, how can He be termed as egoistic?

अस्वरूपे स्वरूपत्वमतिरेव हि अहंकृतिः (गीता तात्पर्य)

Assuming that we have a certain attribute (guNa), when, in reality, we don’t have it – is termed as ahankara. For example: If a person thinks that s/he is the world’s best player, when s/he hardly has played against others, then such a thing is termed as being egoistic. Similarly, assuming that one is very powerful, can control anything, etc,. – all these are delusions that make a person have a certain pride or ego.

In Lord Rama, there is no such attribute which He does not have. He is all powerful, He can control everything, He can defeat anybody, He can do what He wishes for, whenever and wherever. All these attributes are indeed present in Rama, and there are no false assumptions. So, Rama does not have an iota of ahamkara.

Let such Gunapoorna Rama, bless us to remove our ahamkara.

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