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Gowda Saraswath Brahmins, Their Gotras and Kuladevatas

Gowda Saraswath Brahmins were originally residents along the banks of Saraswathi river. There are references to these Brahmins in Veda, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bhagavatam and Bhavishyothara Purana, as one among several Brahmins. In Vanaparva of Mahabharata when Pandavas were residing in Dwaitaranya and Kamyakhavana along the banks of Saraswati, Rishi Vakadalbhya while addressing Yudishtira, says “O King, you are indeed fortunate to have got the services of learned Brahmins belonging to the Gotras of Bhrugu, Angiras, Agastya, Kashyap, Atri to do the Agnihotra rituals”. These are the Gotras of Saraswath Brahmins. Continue reading Gowda Saraswath Brahmins, Their Gotras and Kuladevatas

Peetarohana of 21st Mathadipathi Of Shri Kashi Math at Haridwar

I visited Haridwar from 27 Jan to 31 Jan to attend Peetaarohana of Srimad Samyameendra Tirtha swamiji,following Mukthi of Srimad. Sudhindra Tirtha Swamiji at  Haridwar in the early hours of 17th Jan.

Vrindavan of Sudhindra Tirtha has been located inside the Vyasa Mandir at Haridwar  on the circulambulatory path around the inner temple on the right side of Sri Vadavyasa and on the left side of SARASWATI temple .Vrindavan is now in the initial stage of construction.

Aaraadhana Mahotsava was held between 22 and 26th Jan.The weather was chilling cold between 22 max and 6 min.

Peetaarohana was held on 28th Jan in which mover 3500 people from all over India and few from overseas attended. This was a grand function and historical function which heralded the ascension to the peetha of the 21st Guru of  Kashi Math to lead the desciples in the 21st century.

It is the first time that a vrindavan of Kashi math swami is situated in Aaryaavirta,the original habitat of saraswata brahmins.

Gradation in Bhakti or Devotion to God-Part 1

Srimad Bhagavatham is a great treatise on bhakthi given to us by Bhagavan Vedavyasa. Sri Madhwa defines bhakti as follows

Maahaatmya jnaanapoorvastu sudradha sarvatodhikah

Sneho bhaktiritiprokto tayaa muktirnachaanyatha

Bhakti is the friendship which we profess towards God-a friendship which is firm and in a measure that is greater than the friendship with any other person,and with the realisation of the excellences and supremacy of God.Such bhakti alone can yield liberation which cannot be had by any other means. Continue reading Gradation in Bhakti or Devotion to God-Part 1

Dissection of Dreams!

DAILY DOSE OF DVAITA : Dissection of Dreams as per Tattvavada
(Empirical analysis of dreams based on proofs from scriptures – also see attached image)

Are dreams real? Dvaita says so. Svapna is satya. What does it mean actually?

Just like clay is the material cause (उपादान कारण) for the creation of a pot by the potter, so does the mental samskara of a person becomes the material cause for the creation of dreams by God. The creator is always God. He is the destructor too. The creation happens as one slips into sleep. It is destroyed when one slips into deep sleep. Since the dream is made of vasanas of countless lives of past and present one, they don’t have the grossness of external ingredients (panchabhutas) making up the objects around us. This perhaps applies more so for the one category among the seven identified in this note. But majority of dreams people get also happens to be in that category (See Objectification of Desires below). Continue reading Dissection of Dreams!

Sri Bhuvanendra Medical Mission

GSSS Charitable Foundation is pleased to announce its latest new proposed activity in the area of healthcare and wellness by starting ‘Sri Bhuvanendra Medical Mission’ near Bangalore Sri Kashi Math in Malleswaram,8th Main,19th cross at Malleswaram, Bangalore.This unit will offer both ayurvedic as well as allopathic medicines and therapies.The proposed center Wii be inaugurated at the Holy hands of H.H.Srimad Samyamindra Tirtha in Feb.2016.

Photo shows H.H.Srimad Sudhindra Teertha blessing the project and giving prasadam to a team of the samaj lead by President G G Shenoy,Past President V M Pai, Dr Ananth Kamath,Dr Vasudev Prabhu , Narendra Nayak, and Ganesh Shanghag at Walkeshwar Shri Kashi Math on Friday 13 November,in Mumbai.

Growing up with your child

While  accepting generous donations  in New York , Mother  Theresa told the audience – I thank you for  helping me  to help the poor  in other parts of the world . But in your country , you have hunger too. There is hunger for love.

True, wealth cannot buy love. Money  can satisfy the hunger of the stomach  ; not the emotional hunger of the heart. For healthy  growth of your child , both qualities of head and of heart are to imbibed by the child.  The school  help  educating the child but parents  at home have the more important  aspect of molding its character.

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A new Way, A new Path

In a dream you are in great danger and you struggle to get free. When you wake up, you find yourself safe in bed.  You dream you are sight-seeing over the world.  We you wake up you find you have not left the bed.

The Lord says in the Geethaa that he lives in the heart of everyone.   And he proceeds to preach ways and means to reach him.  Calls them Maarga, a path.  Everyone feels is on a Raajamarga, the Royal Path.

Yoga is another name he uses for Marga.  To connect you to him (although you are one with Him !)

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