Peetarohana of 21st Mathadipathi Of Shri Kashi Math at Haridwar

I visited Haridwar from 27 Jan to 31 Jan to attend Peetaarohana of Srimad Samyameendra Tirtha swamiji,following Mukthi of Srimad. Sudhindra Tirtha Swamiji at  Haridwar in the early hours of 17th Jan.

Vrindavan of Sudhindra Tirtha has been located inside the Vyasa Mandir at Haridwar  on the circulambulatory path around the inner temple on the right side of Sri Vadavyasa and on the left side of SARASWATI temple .Vrindavan is now in the initial stage of construction.

Aaraadhana Mahotsava was held between 22 and 26th Jan.The weather was chilling cold between 22 max and 6 min.

Peetaarohana was held on 28th Jan in which mover 3500 people from all over India and few from overseas attended. This was a grand function and historical function which heralded the ascension to the peetha of the 21st Guru of  Kashi Math to lead the desciples in the 21st century.

It is the first time that a vrindavan of Kashi math swami is situated in Aaryaavirta,the original habitat of saraswata brahmins.

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