A new Way, A new Path

In a dream you are in great danger and you struggle to get free. When you wake up, you find yourself safe in bed.  You dream you are sight-seeing over the world.  We you wake up you find you have not left the bed.

The Lord says in the Geethaa that he lives in the heart of everyone.   And he proceeds to preach ways and means to reach him.  Calls them Maarga, a path.  Everyone feels is on a Raajamarga, the Royal Path.

Yoga is another name he uses for Marga.  To connect you to him (although you are one with Him !)

Generally you pick up one or other as determined by one you had followed in your last birth.

All this is only Alice in Wonderland.  In other words, you are actually in Blunderland.  This is his Mayaa.  Yaa means that which is and Maa means not there.  Life is Don Quixote and his Adventures.

After many births, when you succeed you realize the reality, you wake up.  It is after all his Leela.  Mother playing hide and seek with her child.  The blessed few wake up early in life, having completed their Saadhanaa in earlier life.

World is the Stage.  Let us join and play our roles.  You are born with a script in your hand.  God is awaiting us at the end of your turn.

A man is waiting at a wayside station. Because of red signal, an express train stopped there.  The man happily was getting in.  This train does not stop here, the Guard said.  I am not getting in, said the man and got in.  Ramana says he is nobody’s Guru.   I agree but still I feel that I am his Chela.  Rather a bonded slave.  Kreetadaasah, purchased servant, as Shiva told Parvatee after her strenuous tapasya.  (Courtesy Kalidaasa).

Love thy neighbor, Jesus Said.  This new path begins by loving your neighbor.  Can name it Premamaarga.   Bhakitmaarga is love for God.  Premamaarga is love for your Brethren, your neighbor.

Reading and practicing Geethaa you achieve Samachittattva i.e. looking on all as children of same God. You get over the six enemies in your heart – The Shadvairees.   They are Kaama(Desire). Anger (Krodha), Mada (Arrogance), Moha (Infatuation), (Greed) and Maatsarya (Jealousy).  All arise because of likes and dislikes.  Rise over likes and dislikes.  Accept everything in life as it unfolds.  No choice, no preference.  You are left with only love in your Heart.  With  Love, you have Peace and Bliss.

Love to Parents is tainted by attachment.  Take neighbor as God’s representative.  Parents also come in this common group.  You will love Parents more on relationship to God not just Biological connection.

Everything the other man does is imperfect or wrong you feel.  But when you do the same yourself, you have 100 reasons why it is not wrong.  Tolerance and forgiveness or neighbor’s faults.  Hold your anger.  Avoid arrogance. Join in his happiness.  Be helpful when he is in distress.

Shed down your prejudices.  See what holds you from people.  Adjust, accommodate and change your attitude towards that person.  Let ego not come in.

Communicate. Yield a Little. Reap More.

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