A fervant appeal and prayer to Bhagavan Veda Vyasa

(This is a translation into English of a Prayer in Konkani offered by H.H.Srimad Sudhindra Teertha Swamiji on 28 Feb 1988 at Haridwar on the occasion of the consecration of the Sri Vyasa Mandir).

O Lord,  Paramatma, Narayana, Maha Vishnu, Supreme Person, Vedavyasa, We offer this prayer to You.

You have bestowed Your benediction and today our people from all over the country have gathered here. Brahmins from all over are here. Prominent people of different gotras are here. There are men and women of all age groups right from children to elders. With a view to secure Your full benediction,Your love, Your compassion  and Your gracious perpetual presence in this place, during the last four to five days, different types of Havans,  Poojas,  Archana, Namana, Keertana, Aradhana etc. have been offered to You by all gathered here with utmost devotion, shraddha, love and sincerity. Therefore You should accept the same with pleasure. We have offered these to You with the intent that all among us should develop love and devotion to You and in Dharma. Please bestow on us this prayer with Your full benediction.
We have installed these dieties here and they  are being  consecrated today. You should with compassion bestow on all those whom You see before You, and bow with reverence to You, Jnana (sacred knowledge) and Abhaya (freedom from fear). You should grant us Your perpetual presence in this place for this purpose.We do not ask for anything else. You have given us everything and in plenty,but there is one thing amiss and that is Jnana.
It is said that whenever there is weakening of  this Jnana,You have through Your own incarnations(Avataras) and through sending Your messengers ,through Your desciples, through Your dear son Shuka spread the message of Jnana, Bhakthi and Vairagya. Therefore, O Lord of such eminence,please bestow Your full benediction on us, recharge us with Jnana, ive us freedom from fear. Please accept the services offered to You with devotion by the different members of the Samaj gathered here, bless them and guide them in their lives. We ask this not merely for the members of our Gowda Saraswat Brahmin community but for for all those resident  in Bharat , our India.
At one time, our country was in the forefront of Knowledge and was therefore considered prominent. Today there have been ups and downs.The country and the people are prone to several defects, bad conduct, immoral and vile behaviour etc. This has happened because of lack of Your benediction. You have to restore this benediction on all our countrymen so that the country is uplifted  and its pre-eminence restored.
This place where the Vyasa Mandir is located is called Uttar Pradesh. In this Pradesh are located many of our Holy places. You incarnated as Rama in Ayodhya and as Krishna in Mathura. You incarnated as Vedavyasa in Kalpi for the purpose of restoring Jnana and ensuring Abhaya. Your kshetras such as Badari and Kedara are also in Uttara Pradesh. Also such holy theerthas as Gangotri, Yamunotri, the Holy Ganga all traverse through Uttara Pradesh because of Your grace. Thousands of Rishis and Munis have conducted Jnana Satras in different kshetras of this Uttara Pradesh and sanctified this place. You restored the lost Jnana through writing many Puranas and propagating the same through Your famed desciples. The holy place of Naimishaaranya is also in Uttara Pradesh,as also the holy Thirtha Raj Prayag. Lord Mahadev shines on the holy banks of the Ganga at Varanasi.
This Uttara Pradesh with so many holy places is at present facing an unprecedented crisis due to rise in crime and depravity among people. People appear to be descending further down. This could be due to mistakes or wilful defaults. Please O Lord, forgive all these people. You who are the ocean of mercy and compassion. Please transform this Uttar Pradesh into Uttam Pradesh. Restore the lost glory of Bharat once again in this world. Let it be said that we Gowda Saraswat Brahmins served You well and You gave us Your benediction thereby uplifting all the people in the country. Let the name and fame be Yours. This is the prayer to thee O Lord. We now consecrate this Mandir to You at the proper Muhurta. Give us Your full benediction  and lift all of us up.
(Translation by V.M.Pai,Bangalore)

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