Pravachana of Sri Samyamindra Tirtha

(Translation of Pravachana of HH Sri Samyamindra Tirtha (pravachana was on 31st Jan 2015 at Bangalore Sri Kashi Math). It takes around 10 minutes to read this pravachana. Please spend the time. Mistakes in translation are all mine. Jai sri ram)

The name of this place is Karnataka. “Karnam karnam atati”

Keerti – fame is heard – the fame of karnataka has been heard everywhere and thus the name.

But what should actually be heard? It is the fame of Lord that needs to be always heard.
Rajadhani of Karnataka is Bangalore – benda kaaLuru has become bengaluru

From bangalore, all the controlling of karnataka happens. In Malayalam , a rajadhani is called as ‘tala sthana’ – the place of the head; Head is the part which controls the whole body. If there is a problem with the head, the whole body has to bear the brunt.

In this rajadhani, GSBs were hardly seen during 1926. When our swamiji (Sudhindra swamiji) came for vidyabhyasa, in 1945, some 25 families were here. Swamiji’s first vidyabhyasa happened here. GSBs had started settling down from various other places. Now, it has grown by heaps.

Somebody mentioned, a lot of good things have happened. Yes, many good things have happened. But, we should say Lord has made things happen. He alone is the doer!

There is a saying in Malayalam ‘manam pole mangalyam’. If heart is good, then good things will happen. One should always do things with full heart and mind. If anything is done half-heartedly, things don’t happen well.

One has to do with good heart and one has to put efforts for the same. If the efforts are pure, and if Lord wills, things will happen. Pure mind is very important. Mana shuddhi has to be there.

Any daana given, also has to be given with shuddha manas – pure mind, only then, will there be fruits for it. If a student wants to study, his mind has to be pure and concentrated and the efforts will have to be full-hearted. He will be lost, if his mind is not fully applied in the studies. He may sit in front of the book for hours together, but nothing may get inside his head, if his mind is not appied fully.

For everything, a good mind is important. If done with good mind and heart, Lord will give the fruits. He will make things happen.

One more thing is faith. One should have faith in Lord. If one does not have faith in Lord, what is the point in him having faith in others? Always one should believe in God and have faith in Him; and again the faith should not be half-hearted, it has to be full faith.

Only if one person has complete faith in Lord, will things happen. If there is any doubt in mind regarding Lord, it will not happen. People run lot of business, and believe others. They give crores of rupees in others’ hands and have faith in that person. They would not sleep if they have any doubt on the person handling their money.

Is it not good to have faith in Lord instead of having faith in others? One has to have full faith in Lord. “Lord will not let me down” “rakshati iti vishvaasah In some form or other, He will take care of me.

Lord alone gives, and He alone takes. Have faith in Him. What is happening these days is, our people dont have faith in Lord; they dont have faith in our own things. But believe in everything else.

We have our kuladevu, ishta devu, our dharma peeta, our elders have followed. But our people leave this and hold on to everything else!

We are so fortunate to have all these things (kula devu, ishta devu, parampara, philosophy) when we were born, but we do not seem to want it. We roam around at different places searching for something, follow all different rituals, and worship some other deities!

And when everything else fails, they go for ‘prashna’. What comes out of this prashne?

“You have forgotten your kula devu, you have ignored something your elders have followed”

Many people come to us almost everyday, and say ‘swami, we are told in the astrology prashne, that there is guru manas-taapa, what should be done?’

No other guru would help. You cannot go to any baba or any other Pal for this. We have this parampara when we were born. Why leave this and go?

Faith and shraddha are very important and one should have faith in the right place.

We were talking about Bangalore; good things and bad things both can happen in Bangalore. There are many aastikas (thiests) in bangalore, many who believe in God; unfortunately, very few GSBs among them!

A young guy had come to us and was mentioning that he had got a job in Mangalore, but does not want to stay there and wants to move to Bangalore.

When questioned, he said, he can have fun here. If he is somewhere near his hometown, he has to visit temple, listen to his parents, follow few things. But in Bangalore, there is a lot of freedom.

Good enviornment is required for good things to happen. This is 21st century and faith has reduced.

What we teach in schools these days? That all gods are the same! All siddhaantas are the same! Worse still, there is no god!

Our kids are not allowed to wear flowers, apply kumkum, tilak, but will need to cut hairs; and the same is followed at home too. We dont teach anything different at home either. It appears that other religions are better off here, since they tend to follow their culture.

Neither do we teach about God in schools nor at home. Kids seem to be turning towards athiesm – non-believers.

We have 3 main philosophies in India – Dvaita, Advaita, Vishta-advaita, there are some similarities in these 3 philosophies. There are many differences – we believe in bheda, taaratamya, others dont etc., But, all 3 accept Vedas, believe in God. There is an acceptance that there is a super power beyond us, who is watching everything. This, by itself, induces fear among people. If there is no God, we can do whatever we want. But the fear of God, the fear of doing wrong, makes people follow the right path.

Fear, belief, faith in God is utmost important and this faith should be in the right place. Nobody has failed because of trusting in God.

“nambi kettavarillavo rangayyana nambade kettare kedali” says daasavarya.

The important tattva here is to teach the kids the same – teach them faith in God, in Guru.

Guru here need not only mean Peetadhipati swamiji. Lord is our guru too.

Follow what your elders have followed. Have faith in God, Guru. This will definitely result in good things to you. In spite of this, if bad things are happening, its because of ‘grahachaara’, the past karmas. Understand that sukha and dukkha (happiness and sorrows) are like cycles. But pray to Lord, your dukha will reduce.

Faith and prayer. This prayer should be nirantara. Not just for 2 or 3 days. Continuous prayer is required. Many examples were given earlier on this prayer.

“Lord is my savior. He will not let me down.” Have this in mind and keep praying. Nothing untoward will happen. Even the sufferings due to praarabdha will have lesser effects.

There was this story from Purana:

There was a deer in the forest. A hunter and a tiger saw the deer and wanted to hunt it down.

Chittal is konkani for deer. Jinke is kannada. It is always better to use Konkani words so that everyone understands across the states. Or even use the Sanskrit equivalent word of it. Konkani variants like Dorki are all commonly used across. But better to stick to Konkani. You must have heard our Swamiji (Sudhindra Tirtha) speak. Everyone across North Kanara, south Kanara, Maharashtra and Kerala understand our Swamiji’s words with ease; because Swamiji uses pure Konkani words and Swamiji’s style of speaking is simple.

Devanagari script has been used commonly across to communicate in Konkani. Our Kashi math documents and letter communications have been in Devanagari since 400 years. Upendra Tirtha’s (Vrindavana date 1674 AD) letters are available which are in Devanagari scripts. Cochin Maharaja’s letters are all in Devanagari scripts.

Coming back to the story.

A person standing there wanted to save the deer. Preventing the hunter from shooting his arrow, would mean tiger would attack the deer. Preventing the tiger from attacking would mean, hunter would shoot his arrow. He could only pray to Lord. ‘Krishna you are the saviour’.

Suddenly, there was a lightning thunder and the brightness blinded the hunter. He missed his target and his arrow hit the tiger. Tiger got killed and the deer ran away.

That is the power of prayer!

Keep praying, having complete faith in God. And not just in some god. Have faith the supreme Lord- Lord Vishnu, Venkataramana.

For us GSBs, Lord Venkataramana is the ishta devu. The reason for it seems to go back to Yadavendra Tirtha-I (1542 to 1608). It is said that when Sri Vijayindra Tirtha (Vrindavana at Kumbakonam) was doing puja to Tirupati Venkataramana, His shishya, Sri Yadavendra was also present there and has also done puja to the Lord at Tirupati.

This is the reason that Kashi Math samsthan has a special status and gets a special respect. Kashi math is one among 13 mathas that get a special respect at Tirupati, in spite of being a very small matha.

It is all because of the punya done by our earlier swamijis in our parampara.

We are going to have an inaguration of such a Lord Venkataraman at Tirupati in the coming week. (9th Feb 2015) Incidentally, Magha bahula panchami happens to be the day of Sri Vibudhendra Tirtha’s Aaradhana (Punya tithi). Sri Vibudhenra Tirtha had installed the deity of Venkataramana at Kashi Math. Swamiji has consecrated at other places too, like Mangalore.

It is a yogaayoga that Lord Venkatarmana’s temple at Tirupati is being inagurated on the same day as the aradhana day of Sri Vibudhendra Tirtha. Lord has decided thus and is getting things done this way.

Let such a Lord – Lakshmi Venkatramana, the deity here, Lord Parthasarathy, our aaradhya daiva Vyasa Raghupati bless the ocassion. Let the Lord also bless all the members of Samaja, especially provide faith and shraddha in Devu and Dharmu. Let Lord bless us also with special interest and faith towards what our elders have followed. With these prayers at the feet of the Lord and our Swamiji, we stop.

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