Frolics of the jiva

We saw earlier that the jiva has forgotten the Lord.This is because it has got a temporary lease of the delightful city of nine gates.It is busy exploring the limitless sights,sounds,tastes which is now available.

 Aakarshuka hey adbhuta pattana
 Panchendriyaanka hey khelaangana.
 Attractive indeed is this wonderful city
It is the playground for the five senses.
 Elsewhere Bhagavatha has compared the jiva to the harrowed husband of five lovely and lovely wives. Each is trying to pull him away from others and keep him occupied.We have all experienced at some time the all compelling pull of taste buds,attractive odours,comforting touches,sexual attractions etc.

Owing to such competing forces all the time the living being has no time to remember his dearest friend and well wisher and nearest neighbour ,the Supreme Lord.So near yetsofar.

Because of these and such frolics,the jiva is not able to discern the passing away of time and its closing in ,slowly but surely.And yet we are not inclined to think of our resident well wisher.

  1. Achutdas tells us a story of a wealthy old man of98 with a large family.The old man was bedridden due to old age ailments.The doctor tried his best and then told the eldest son that nothing more could be done and it is better to ask the old man of his last wish and fulfil it.When this was conveyed to the old man and as to what would be his last wish,without hesitation the old man said ‘call another doctor’

So powerful is the instinct to go on living. We are never satiated in this attractive city of nine gates.

How can dispassion dawn.

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