Vishwaroopa Darshana

The name brings to mind the frightening,grand universal form shown by Krishna  to Arjuna in the battlefield. It was like Nostradamus type prediction but in a video format showing current affairs and things to come.Bhisma,Duryodhana,Drona and others along with countless foot soldiers from either side were being railroaded into the jaws of gory death.
Arjuna was stunned and finally understood that all things were preordained by the Lord and that we are but pawns in this cosmic play. He requested for switching off the gory scene and a return to the more acceptable amiable four armed form of the Lord.
The supreme in His Vishwa form is situated in the right eye of every human being and shows us the outer world during our waking hours.
In His Taijasa form,He is present in our neck and shows us reels of dreams,based on past waking hour sightings,in our sleep.
In His praajna form,He is present in our hearts and gives us bliss during deep sleep.
Thus the merciful Supreme Lord gives us vishwa roopa Darshan throughout our lives,24/7.

Whatever objects we see during waking,dreaming or deep sleep stages are gift bestowed on us by the Supreme Lord.

What about the blind? The blind can also see visions in their dreaming and deep sleep states based on sightings in past births.

We see the outside world,our relatives,friends,enemies,residences,structures,roads,tress,mountains,rivers,sky etc. All being busy with their own things.All these actions are facilitated by the Supreme,situated in all in His Purusha form ( Puree shaythay iti Purushah).

This indeed is also the Vishwa roopa darshana.

Nowadays we have a new addition,thanks to technology,viz.TV,computer screens ,tablets,mobiles etc.   which is vishwaroopadarshan at distant places and locations.

Remember Vyasa bestowing this facility on Sanjaya so that he could report on the Mahabharata war to the blind king.Or. the special vision conferred on Arjuna.

When we comprehend and appreciate the grand design of how Vishwa roopa darshana happens in our daily life ,we would have had a glimpse of the unforgettable and unrepayable mercy of the Supreme Lord on His  creatures.We would  then have indeed grasped the meaning of Vishwam,which is the first of the thousand names of Vishnu in Vishnu Sahasranaama.

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