Today is the 73rd Independence Day

Historic Day as it follows the 5th August 2020, Dwithiya Thithi of Shravana Krishna Paksha ,Sharvari samvatsara, on which day, foundation stone of Ram Temple was laid at Ayodhya by Shri Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India.

Ever since the invasion of invadors since 10th Century or earlier over the Hindu Kingdoms of Bharatha Varsha, first by Turkish Sultans, Mughals, Muslims, the unity of the Hindu rulers was challenged, Kings defeated, foreign regimes forcibly imposed.  National character, religious practices, cultural practices were forcibly changed, temples desecrated, local education systems uprooted, entire religious, cultural practices of northern India changed. Islam ruled, religious conversions took place.

It is only to some extent that South India was able to preserve vestiges of Sanathana Samskrithi.  Two fifty years of British rule further brutalised education,  culture and morals.

It took nearly from 1757 to 1947, for  India to get political independence,  after severe damage to economy, character and culture.

The share of world GDP, for India dropped from 60-70% in the old period, to less than 3% at the time of Independence which was again a dirty trick played by the British, by dividing India into two countries, Muslim and secular.  The latter word was wrongly chosen by Nehru’s party because of his warped thinking and this posed a severe burden on the Hindus from 1947 to preserve their culture, and  religious  practices.

An important day in history of our nation is 26th  January 1950, when the first written constitution of India worked out by elected representatives of our people over a period of 2 years was brought into force and India became a republic. This constitution gives us the strength of survival as a united nation.

It took a Hindu National party such as BJP to recognise the severe damage done to the polity because of wrong policies and systematically won the legal battle to justify the demolition of Babri Masjid and set up the stage for the  construction of a Grand Ram Temple to be set up at the birth place of Lord Rama.

Lord Rama is the symbol of Ram Rajya which is the ideal regime for ruling people.

With the winning of this legal battle in a very democratic manner, the stage has been finally set after  73 years of Independence to restore the pride and  glory of Bharath Varsha, as well as silence once and for all, the cacophony of the secular crowd and also silence the terrorist mentality of the violent crowds.

Jaya Jaya Ramarajya, where people of all faiths will get justice and live in harmony.

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