Learn from Rama -13 – Know how to earn well and how to spend well

सत्संग्रहप्रग्रहणे स्थानविन्निग्रहस्य च |
आयकर्मण्युपायज्ञः संदृष्टव्ययकर्मवित् ||  (वा। रा। २-१-२६)

Lord Rama could identify pious men and protect them. He knew the men worthy of reprimand. He knew the method of tapping source of income, (without oppressing people) and also knew the art of spending money, as mentioned in shastras.

Sri Rama was expert in gathering and patronizing pious men and would protect them. As a King, He also knew whom to control and punish. For a King, it is important to generate sources of income to the Kingdom, but by righteous means and not by oppressing the citizens. Rama knew the ways of getting income without hurting His men and without burdening them with taxes.

Not just gathering money, spending money is also as important as earning it. Every rupee that is spent should be tracked down. Lord Rama, knew the economic shastras and was well versed on the ways of spending money carefully – neither by being a miser nor by being a spendthrift. This applies not just to a King, but to every common man.

Srimad Bhagavata says:

धर्माय यशसे-अर्थाय कामाय स्वजनाय च | पंचधा विभजन् वित्तं इहामुत्र च मोदते || (८।१९।३७)

A person should divide his wealth into 5 parts and spend it: 1) For Dharma, 2) for fame, 3) for earning more wealth, 4) for enjoying pleasures and 5) for maintaining his people. Such a person will rejoice in this life as well as beyond.

Today many suggest spending money. But Rama, teaches us through His behavior that one should know how to earn without hurting others and spend such wealth carefully and righteously.

Let such Rama, bless us to earn all the purusharthas and spend the well-earned money on noble deeds.

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