About V.M.Pai – Author of Shruthi Gita

Pai maama, as he is fondly called, is a key member of GSB Samaj in Bangalore and in Kashi Math. He is actively involved in all Samaj activities, and being a senior member of the various committees, he works with the team in providing scholarships to students, helping in employment opportunities, or in computer training, health check-up camps, etc.,
The octogenarian,(he is 81 now) Sri VM Pai has been the master-mind behind the Sanskrit classes held at Kashi math. Around 100 students have learnt Sanskrit from here.  He setup a library at Kashi math , Bangalore, benefitting all the spiritual aspirants to go through a wide variety of books from different philosophies.  He started Madhva navami celebrations at the math premises making everybody know our parama guru, sri Madhacharya.
He takes Sri Bhagavata classes at math or at his home if math is occupied.  He has brought out a book on the 11th canto of Srimad Bhagavata in English with commentaries from Madhvacharya’s Tatparya Nirnaya and has now come up with this Shruthi Gita work in English based again on 94th chcapter of 10th canto of Bhagavata. He is now working with Purna prajna vidya peeta (under Pejawar seer’s guidance) translating into English, Madhvacharya’s works on Bhagavadgita.
A multi-faceted personality that he is, Sri VM Pai, has written slokas in Sanskrit on Lord Vedavyasa and on HH Sri Sudhindra Tirtha swamiji. He has written few songs and composed music to these songs, and released an album (Bhaktimala) sung by Sri Shankar Shanbhogue ji.

The book is priced Rs.200. Those who are interested in having a copy, may please send me a mail at (prabhugirish@yahoo.com)

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