Ajja, Just Think !

Part 1

Grandaughter sarayu, as a child, had opened to me the beauty of her imaginary dreamworld. “Ajja ( grandfather) just think “, she would coax me. As she explained the scenes of her imagination I came to visualize the scenes she imagined.
After 13 years, today I woke to the wisdom of “just think.”. We feel that god in his heaven and in temples on earth. A deep study of geethaa and upanishads in recent years I have come to accept god resides ,walks and talks in the world. Ramana used to repeat – god is here and now. When you call him he does not have to come from heaven , he is already here. Now.and always.
Today suddenly , sarayu’s words struck me with lightning brillliance and speed. I said to myself – god is here and now. Why I did not think of this great truth so far?

God is both unmanifest and manifest. As brahman, he is beyond scope of our senses. No body, no shape. As manifest he has many forms as seen in avataaras. As brahman he pervades and permeates his creation. He is in you, in me and all. Is god inside me?, a devotee asked. Yes, the master replied, he is also in the stone on which you are sitting. He is very much there in between you and me. He does not require a body to cover himself. Everybody sees god all the time but does not know it, ramana tells. Upanishads, sootras and geethaa say he is present in all.( any no of quotations can be picked ) just think you are seeing god in all you see . Looks funny but this is the only see god within each of us and gradually visualise his omnipresence in the universe around you.

The lord says in geethaa.-I accept devotees in whichever form they approach me. He hasno particular or permanent form. When hanuman visted dwaraka, krushna told rukmini- come on, let us change as rama and seetha.otherwise hanuman will not let us sit down. Ramakrushna, shirdee baba and ramana had appeared as different gods to please devotees.
Krushna has said he will come again and again. He has kept his promise. Buudha, zrathustra, jesus ,chaitanya . A true devotee will see his ishtadevata in any temple he visit. He will see krushna in churches as well. A true christian will see jesus in kaashee temple. If you erase names krushna, buddha or jesus, you will see the same truths in any scripture of any religion.

All religions agree that god is in us. Jesus goes a step further. The kingdom of heaven is within you, he declares. We find it difficult to accommodate god within and how to accommodate heaven within you? If you believe you are inside the body, all bodies are outside you. If you realise are aatma you merge into paramaatmaa, all bodies are within you. Earth, heaven and hell are within you. This leads to ultimate wisdom advaitha.

Tell yoyurself- god is with you. Watching you, guiding you. Self discipline will increase. Lightness in heart and spring in feet. Krishna conciousnes s in simple words is being conscious all the time that god is near you.

Note 1.god walking on earth
in geethaa , the lord says a jnani ( sage ) is he himself. Considered superior to an avataara even. Although god resides in everyone, his prersence is more expressed in a jnaani. Ramana was a jnaani in the last century. A study of his life makes it clear why he was god on earth. But jnaanis are elusive and difficult to locate them. Their presence ,be it in forest or in a cave in a mountain, is beneficial to the world. Trees in forests and sea weeds under seas provide oxygen . Jnaanis replenish spiritual force in the atmosphere. Jnaanis have been found in a butcher, a cobbler, potter. Annamaacharya found a jnaani in the rows of beggars in tirupathi. There are manyother sages even today though not located. Peace and bliss in his presence is only indication.
My maternal grandfather was a jnaani , I believe . Not educated.study of his life and peace I felt in his presence is proof for me. He lived in the presence of god. ( See note 2 .) he must have completed his studies and saadhanaa in earlier lives.
Note 2.living in the presence of god.

Talking to pets is common. Talking to cattle, it gives a feeling of nearness. In your daily life you forget worries talking to animals. My wife talked to plants in the garden, and to god in the kitchen while cooking. Telling god what she is cooking and praying that I will relish the food she was cooking.
Since god is everywhere, inside and near constantly, start talking to him now and then.he listens patiently. Worries go down. Head feels lighter. Companionship and sharing thought lightens the burden especially when god is listening to you. Self discipline gets slowly strenghtened.anger , vengence and other elements slowly slacken their grip on you.
Telling lies is common melody we all suffer from. Telling lies to children is serious . We are going to doctor cant take you with us. It is double fualting. Put doctor’s fear in the minds of children besides uttering a life. Every time you utter a lie , report to god. Gradually the tongue will think twice before uttering a lie.
My grandfather told me that whatever happens to me, good or bad , is what you deserve. Your past deeds come back . He was happy and thanked god .when thing turned bad, he never complained . He would say- god’s icchhaa ( desire) . Ramakrushna said mayer icchaa-mother kali’s desire. Just like a child telling its mother of whatever it observed on a day. Report eveythying to god. When I went to take his blessings before going studies in banras , he took me to the temple to report to god. Pointing a finger to the sanctum sanctorum , he told the priest – tell him my grandson is going far. It is his rersponsibility to look after him. God took his tall order* and many events in my life as a student and later in work , I felt god protected me many times.
Look at the confidence of a true devotee. He could point a finger at god. Refer to him as ‘him’.he could have ordered god directly. And as if god has not been protecting already.

Part 2

In the part one, we saw god is not only in heaven but also he walks and talks on earth.god is his whole creation. You see god everyday in everyone you , humans, animals, trees and each and everything. He is spirit, all pervading.just sit in a calm place and think.
God has no body , no form. Body and shape is actually limitation, trying to bind limitless space.
Lord says in geethaa. I can assume any forma devotee wants to worship.

Simple to believe. We are tempted to accept I could be god. It is your ego. And you feel but how the other crooked fellow be god? Develop samadrushti of geethaa.
Throw out the six enemies within (shatvairiees). Kama, krodha, mada, matsara, moha and ghrunaa. Heart becomes pure and god within shines manifest.
Stop looking at faults of others. You make mistakes. You have 101 reasons why it was not a mistake, at least not a serious mistake. When other does the same mistake you pull out 102 reasons why it is a mistake, a crime. You think less if the person who committed the mistake was your son. Love thy neighbour. Accommodate him asyou your son.
Every single creation has a place . Good and bad men. Innocent lamb and a ferocious tiger. Beautiful flowers and plants but some carnivorous and poisonous.each has a role. You play your role and get off. Don’t sit on judgement on others. Never judge god’s wisdom .
If tigers spare deer and start eating grass, deer will multiply, shortage of grazing land. Both invade our field and we will kill both! If snakes stop gobbling rats and eat grains,both will end up in our fields and we will kill both.

God being spirit, cannot be seen. If air has a colour, the colourful world will turn black and white show.if god has a body and colour , it is blackout.
All religions say god is in our. Jesus goes a step further-the kingdom of heaven is inside you! We find it difficult to accommodate god but how to swallow the heaven? If you think “ I am rama”, you restrict yourself to a body. If you realise you identity in spirit with god, whole creation is within you. Nee maayeyolago ninnolu mayeyo, sings kanakadaasa.

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