No Ticket, No Visa

No luggage. Hands free. Just a call and you are off.

Watch nature. A fruit hangs by a stem. It grows drawing food from the stem. When it matures and no more food is required, it just drops off.

Bond between stem  and stock is a miracle. It allows food to  go through. Finally food is cut off, bond dries up and fruit falls down. Neither the mother  tree nor brother fruits cry. 

The fallen fruit offers it body to others to feed upon . The seed inside sprouts . Cycle restarts.

I wonder whether the miracle of the bond has found its way into our scientific world.

Now we also follow the same cycle.

Paropakaaraayasataamshareeram—Your body should serve others when alive.

Crying is natural at the death of a dear one. Some cry because they are left helpless, what will happen to us, they wail. But think of what will happen to the departed soul. He is dead . He cannot hear you and sympathise. Return is impossible.

Recitation from scriptures and singing bhajans would help him. His mind takes on devotional mood ,he will leave happy and gain entry into heaven easier. Science has proof our brain loses senses one by one during death. The senses  linger long after death. Hearing is the sense that departs last.. So make use of these last moments to elevate his mood godwards by bhajans.

A diversion. A young man approached a billionaire for advice as to how to make money.“ Simple” , he said. “  You have to jump at the opportunity.”“ How to know when opportunity knocks ? “   “ Simple again. Keep jumping.”

Now , you do not know when the call will come. Why wait for post-death punya, depending on .relatives ? You keep “jumping “ i.e. remembering God now and then .

Take God’s Name with love and devotion; and with joy. Mechanical mode would not help. A parrot can be taught to repeat “ Rama, Rama. “  . But when a cat catches it, it forgets Rama and starts shrieking. It had no love for Rama.Always keep your table clean. Hands clean. Heart pure and clean. Since you leave body behind when you depart, you have no hands to carry anything with you. You are a guest in this world. Enjoy but have no attachment towards anything. It is a better place you  go to.

You depart free and quick..Ensure non-return to mortal coil.

Enjoy life as if death is not for you. Transition would be smoother.

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