Awake ! Arise ! You are the goal!

Jesus said– – Be still and know I am  God .

Watch the word – KNOW.  You have not to THINK. No action is needed by you. Even thinking is an action. Just BE.  This is possible for sages , who have surrendered their minds to God.  They are like a pilot who has  put control under auto-pilot and relaxes as the plane glides safely. God runs their lives. 

Physically ,  whether they   be still sitting in deep meditation in a forest or rule a country like  Janaka, they help    the world.  Even in a cave , their  presence purifies the spiritual atmosphere just as silent trees , which do not move , purify the air polluted  by men.

All actions, all efforts by man or animal or any living being  has happiness as the ultimate goal. This is axiomatic. Self-evident, self-proven. Nobody acts to   secure unhappiness. It is absurd. Results may be otherwise.  A mother is hurt more when she beats an  errant child but her aim is  that the child mends its way and be happy ultimately. A drunkard is another example. Wrong action and  unhappiness although goal is happiness.

We  depend on instruments at our disposal to obtain happiness. Our limbs , organs, senses  and the mind, the master of senses. Each is limited in its capacity and cannot give unlimited happiness which is the  goal. If happiness depends on actions, tiredness prevents them to cooperate. ( And in sleep,  All are happy when no action goes on ! this aspect we will see later .) Moreover , over the years they weaken and cannot fully cooperate even if  the mind is willing.  Thus happiness in life should diminish as age catches up. Further man has senses weaker than those of animals. Dog hears better. High flying kite has sharper eyes.A big handicap. It makes sense to live beyond senses.

No happiness derived from senses is free from hangover of some unhappiness. All physical happiness is just relief  from itch you feel when you scratch.

Wealth does not give happiness. More the money , greed increases . Worries eclipses happiness.  Power has its own thorns, some self-inflicted, as Bush has realized.

Best food tastes  stale when your child is sick . With an headache, you falter. Many circumstances seem  to contribute to happiness and one wrong tool spoils the soup.

Now, there are  60 minutes in an hour. Would you be satisfied if you are happy for a few minutes here and few there? NO. If possible, all 60 minutes of happiness is the goal. Similarly,  you want happiness every hour of the day, every day of a week, every week of a month , every month of a year  and ,indeed, every year of your life. IN other words perpetual, non-stop happiness i.e, permanent happiness. Now what could be permanent ? Only what is natural  can be permanent.

You add sugar to make tea sweet.  Sugar is added to anything you want sweet. Nothing need be added  to sugar. Sugar is sweetness and sweetness is sugar. NATURAL. Milk and whiteness.  Inseparable , natural. Thus HAPPINESS has to be integral with us for us to remain happy permanently.  What is integral which you, what is your very nature , cannot be separated from you. The very fact that  everybody seeks happiness , because he is HAPPY   by nature, his inseparable characteristic.

It comes as a revelation that Goal you set is near, here and now, nay , you yourself is the GOAL you sought.  All actions are by the   way. AS involuntary as breathing!!!


Back to the title.  Note  it says YOU ARE THE GOAL. There is no reaching for the goal to begin with and no reaching of the goal at the end of the search. YOU ARE BLISS in the beginning  of your so called search, during the so called search and at the end of the so called search.

A bad dream . You run from a tiger  and reach home. You reach home  before the  catches you. You are happy. You wake up. You were safe and happy  at home already.

Wake up from delusion while awake. KNOW YOU ARE HAPPINESS  YOURSELF.


NOTES: Happiness during  deep , dreamless sleep. Sleep may be blank but everybody wants sleep. It is return to natural state of happiness. Man gets  cosy beds and warm  blankets .Even drug himself for sleep.  The toothache you went to sleep with  is very much there and you don’t feel it. You can separate yourself from what is part of you but not  from what  is integral with you. Since toothache is not there in sleep, it is not part of you. The tooth is not part you. Your body is not part of you. You refer  to it as MY body. You have a body , but body is not YOU !! YOU are in bliss. SO body is not necessary for happiness. Nor the  senses needed to experience happiness.

When you wake up ,you say – I slept happily. I did not know anything.  You were not aware of your body  but you were  happy  all the same. YOU WERE BY YOURSELF ONLY , experiencing inherent happiness.

I was out of this world and so very happy. All make this statement when  very, very happy . It is  an unconscious acknowledgement of being YOURSELF casting off your pain-ridden body. Consciously  enter this happy state, as  if in sleep, and be blissful perpetually. This a Samadhi . Active or inactive , he is in peace with himself .IN bliss.

Shade under a tree. You go out in the sun. Feeling hot, you run back under the tree and feel cool. It is foolish to run out . Still  the mind . Let the body run out but YOU   remain steady , in peace.

Tattvamasi-Thou art That- Vedic aphorism. You ARE  already That. You don’t become. You are your goal !

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