Dharma -much misunderstood word

Nowadays we hear a lot about the word secularism,saffronism,dharmaatita etc in our daily news,views and discourse.This has gone to such extent that our people are made to feel guilty whenever a reference is made to dhaarmic practices such as Havana,yajnas,discourses on Ramayana,Bhagavatha and other treasures of heritage. It is therefore high time that we understood the true meaning of dharma.
Dharma is a Sanskrit word whose root is ‘dhra’which means ‘to support’or’to hold’.Therefore dharma supports us or holds us.Without dharma we would all fall.  Another meaning of dharma is ‘property’or ‘characteristic’. For instance it is the dharma of fire to burn,to give heat and light. It is the dharma of water to quench thirst,to cool ,dharma of earth to support(earth is therefore called dhirthi.)etc.
On the other hand,our so-called secular leaders want our country to be dharmatitha which literary means beyond dharma.It is impossible for anybody to be beyond dharma.Fire will burn etc.water will quench regardless.
The basic rule  given to us is ‘Satyam Vada,Dharmam chara’,which means speak the truth,observe dharma or respect dharma.

Vedas are divine gifts given to us by the Supreme Lord and they are a detailed guide to us,embodied living beings,to lead meaningful lives.Do not be misled by anti vedic propaganda.Please try to understand the vedic teachings thru authorised sources or thru teachers who are genuine gurus,How to identify such gurus.See if they themselves follow what they preach,see if they are enamoured by wealth,honour and and bodily comforts,see if they they themselves are engaged in the regular and scrupulous observance of austerities ,see if they are transparent in all activities.

Bhagavatha gives us a great measure for dharma.
‘Dharmah projjhita kaitavah ‘
Dharma should be  completely devoid of all cheating and hypocrisy.Projjhita means there is no place for even a minor cheating.

Bhagavatha also gives us valuable guidelines as  to the place of dharma with regard to the other three purushaartaas or goals to be aspired for,viz artha or wealth,kaama or desires,and moksha or liberation.(also called apavarga).

Dharmasya hyaapavargasya naarthorthaaya cha kalpathay

Naarthasya dharmaykaanthaaya kaamo laabhaaya hi smruthum

Kaamasya nayndriya preetih laabho jeevaytha yaavathaa

Jeevasya tattwa jijnaasa naartho yasyeha karmabhih.

Dharma shall be used only for liberation,not for earning wealth, wealth shall be used only for dharma,of course after meeting  basic desires.Desires shall not be used for pleasing the senses but for maintaining life,and life shall be used for understanding tattwa or principles ,not for amassing wealth thru whatever activities.

If we analyse the above guidelines carefully,understand them and apply them in our daily lives,we would be rid of the confusion sought to be created by secularists and would be leading meaningful lives.

Naarthasya dharmaykaanthaaya kaamo laabhaaya

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