Total Surrender – Sharanaagati by V.M.Pai

There are many occasions in our life when we are elated by good news.This could be awards or rewards in recognition of our efforts such as degrees ,diplomas etc.,or winning contests or lucrative business contracts,or getting windfall gains .People come in with congratulatory messages..  We feel joyous and try to explain these achievements as result of our efforts,hard work and intellect.

There are other occasions where we are dejected by failures or bad news. We are disappointed and try to explain such events on external factors,fate,God not being favourable and so on.

Truth of the matter is that while we possess intelligence,strength,wealth,beauty etc in a small measure,the true possessor of all these and more in full measure is the Supreme Lord. We possess these to the extent given to us by Him.Truth of the matter is we are not self dependent in absolute sense. Only the Lord is self dependent.We are all dependent on Him.

We forget this fundamental truth and that explains why we are elated in success and pat ourselves on the back;and why we are dejected in failures and blame fate or God.

Gita delineates the factors in success of any endeavour as karanam,kaaranam, karta,adhistaanam and daivam– tools,cause,doer,field and god.All factors are important but daivam or God is critical.You may have all the other factors in full force but unless daivam is with you,success eludes you.

What is the way out.? The way out is to realise our limits and surrender completely to the Lord.

What does complete surrender imply?

Aanukoolsya sankalpah praatikoolasya varjanam
Rakshishyateeti  vishwaaso goptratva varanam thathaa
Aatmanikshepa kaarpanyae shadvidhaa sharanaagatih.
First is the firm determination to engage in tasks conducive and helpful in spiritual journey.

Second is the giving up of habits and practices which are hurdles in the spiritual path.
Third is the firm unwavering faith that the Supreme Lord will definitely protect.
Fourth is selecting any one of the forms of the Supreme Lord ,Rama,Krishna,Narayana,Vittala etc for contemplation.
Fifth step is to place oneself in the place of supplicant as a recipient of mercy from the Lord.

With these five steps one should proceed steadily unmindful of initial impediments.

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