Learn from Rama -5

Love your juniors; they will in-turn love you

न चानृतकथो विद्वान् वृद्धानां प्रतिपूजकः |
अनुरक्तः प्रजाभिश्च प्रजाश्चाप्यनुरज्यते || २-१-१४ (V.Ramayana)

The all-knowing Rama never spoke untruth. He used to worship elders and was receptive to them. People used to love Rama; and Rama used to love the people.

Rama teaches something very relevant for everybody here. While it is very easy for a leader to command his followers, it is very difficult to earn their love. A leader should earn that love from his juniors from his followers, from people who are at a sub-ordinate position. The junior could be a helping hand at home, or even kids and relatives younger to us at home. It is relevant to even those working in a professional environment, offices, or any place of service, or in the political parties. Every person should love his juniors not just treat them as sub-ordinates and order them. When such a love is harboured by the senior, the juniors will in-turn start loving the leader. The work will be very effectively done if the juniors love their bosses. The house will prosper if the younger ones look up to the elders and love them. Students will learn well and learn faster if they love their teachers and teachers too love the students. The army will win every war if the front-runners love their colonel and vice-versa. The work at office will get extra efficient where the officer is loved by everyone and in-turn the officer loves the team. We can appreciate this even better in these days of open and cosmopolitan culture.

Rama teaches this very important, but rarely spoken, tenant to us in a subtle manner.

Let such Rama who is the world leader, love us always; and let such Rama, make us – His followers – love Him unconditionally

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