Learn from Rama -8 – Choose the good over the pleasant; never go against scriptures

नाश्रेयसि रतो विद्वान्न विरुद्धकथारुचिः |
उत्तरोत्तरयुक्तीनां वक्ता वाचस्पतिर्यथा || २-१-१७
Rama was uninterested in activities, which were not beneficial to auspiciousness/moksha. The scholar that He was, He had no taste in unholy talks – the ones that were against scriptures and righteousness. Similar to Vachaspathi, His eloquent speech contained a series of strategies for action, in support of His contention.

Lord Rama is teaching two extremely important and never to be forgotten rules – especially for saadhakas/those in the spiritual path.
First rule is that never do anything that takes you against the moksha marga; and the second rule is that don’t waste time in unwanted talks and particularly the ones that are not sacred, the ones that go against the scriptures and the ones that show irreverence to God.
We have heard about the Shreyas (the good) and preyas (the pleasant) from Kathopanishat. i.e., ones that help in moksha and the ones that give us material enjoyment. Rama, though being the prince living amid bhoga/enjoyment, was never interested in anything that went against Shreyas/moksha (Of course, He is the giver of Moksha). He is teaching us the same here – look for Shreyas (good) and not for preyas (pleasant)!
Similarly, Rama disliked anything that went against scriptures, that went against God. He would not show any interest even the talks that went against scriptures. Even in today’s world, we see innumerable things that go against the scriptures. An intelligent man must see what is going against shastras and eliminate such things from his being. Shun those talks, those little chit-chats that are against shastras, says Rama. Lord, as Krishna explicitly tells the same in Bhagavad Gita. (तस्मात् शास्त्रं प्रमाणं ते कार्याकार्य-व्यवस्थितौ.. 16.24).
Through His acts, Lord Rama, teaches us these prime concepts. Don’t go against shastras, don’t waste time in unwanted talks; always focus on the path of moksha. Let such Rama, the giver of Moksha lead us in the Shreyas marga and teach us the pious shastras.

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