Learn from Rama -9

Keep your body and mind healthy; never misuse the weakness of others

अरोगस्तरुणो वाग्मी वपुष्मान्देशकालवित् |
लोके पुरुषसारज्ञस्साधुरेको विनिर्मितः || २-१-१८

Rama was youthful, was free of diseases and had a healthy-looking body. He was an effective speaker. He knew the right time and place for actions. He could grasp the worth of every individual. He was the one gentleman/pious soul born on earth.

Lord Rama had a disease-free, good body and a healthy mind. We must have both our mind and body be healthy to remain without disease. Many a times, we ignore one for the other. Rama is teaching us to remain so and lead a healthy and happy life.
Rama was able to grasp the essence of every individual appearing before Him. Rama knew the strength and weakness of every person. But the pious gentleman (sadhu) that He was, He would never use that weakness against them. This is another learning we should have from the Lord. Many of the modern strategies teach people to misuse the other person’s weakness for personal gains and for ulterior motives. But Rama teaches a high moral standard – that one should never misuse the weakness of a person against him.
Let such Rama provide us a healthy mind and body and make us follow His morals.

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