A prey  fallen into the claws of a tiger has no escape. A  person come into the circle of Grace of a Sage  is as sure to be saved  as the prey which has no escape.

An express train had an unscheduled stop at a wayside station. A passenger on the platform was about to get in. The station master ran up to him and told him the train does not stop there. The passenger replied he is not getting in and then got in. Ramana never says he is  a Guru and claims none as his chela, disciple.  However, like the wise passenger, there were many who had accepted him as their Guru and they knew he had accepted them as his disciples. That secret understanding was there all along and holds good even today.  Now, I look at him as my Guru and my hope and wish is he knows it. I have no qualification nor recommendation to deserve the honour except I have devotion to Him and that qualification is worth more than any other I feel. Continue reading IN THE CLAWS OF A TIGER

Vyaasa is Chiranjeevi. he made his presence felt!

Very philosophical take on Mahabharat. Worth reading and contemplating as the author feels that Mahabharat that is within us is a continuous process. Each individual has how own Mahabharat to fight within himself. Must Read

Beautiful description of Mahabharat . A must read
I was finally there, Kurukshetra, the ground where the great war of Mahabharata was fought. I wanted to make it my life’s work to study and write about the epic. I also knew that it was not possible till I went to the spot where the greatest war took place. It was said in the texts that eighty percent of the fighting male population of the civilization was wiped out in the eighteen days of the war.
I stood on the ground, the sun overhead; it was hot, the wind hiding the far reaches of the grounds with columns of dust. I looked around and wondered if the war really happened, if the ground beneath him had soaked all that blood, if the great Pandavas and Krishna stood where I stood.
“You will never know the truth about that!” said an aging soft voice.
I turned around to find an Old man in saffron robes appearing out of a column of dust. He had a long white beard and eyes that could settle an indignant storm.
“I know you are here to find out about the Kurukshetra war, but you cannot know about that war till you don’t what the real war is about.” the Old man said enigmatically.
“What do you mean?” I instantly knew that I was in the presence of someone who knew more about the war than any living person.
“The Mahabharata is an Epic, a ballad, perhaps a reality but definitely a philosophy.” The Old man smiled luring me into more questions.
“Can you tell me what the philosophy is then?” I requested.
“Sure. Here goes,” began the Old man. “The Pandavas are nothing but your five senses, sight, smell, taste, touch and sound and do you know what the Kauravas are?” he asked narrowing his eyes. I shook my head. “The Kauravas are the hundred vices that attack your senses everyday but you can fight them and do you know how?” I again shook my head again. “When Krishna rides your chariot!” The Old man smiled brighter and I gasped at that gem of insight.
“Krishna is your soul, your guiding light and if you let your life in his hands you have nothing to worry.” I was stupefied but came around quickly with another question. “Then why are Dronacharya and Bhishma fighting for the Kauravas, if they are vices?”
The Old man nodded, sadder for the question. “It just means that as you grow up your perception of your elders change. The elders who you thought were perfect in your growing up years are not all that perfect. They have faults. And one day you will have to decide if they are for your good or your bad. Then you may also realize that you may have to fight them for the good. It is the hardest part of growing up and that is why the Geeta is important.”
I sat down on the ground, not because I was tired but because I could understand the enormity of it all. “What about Karna?” I whispered.
“Ah!” said the Old man. “You have saved the best for last. Karna is the brother to your senses, he is desire, he is a part of you but stands with the vices. He feels wronged and makes excuses for being the vices as your desire does all the time. Does your desire not give you excuses to embrace vices?”
Then who is draupadi. I continued. She is your ego. Shared by you and your brothers.
Then how could Yudhistra the truthfull lie in battle or gamble Draupadi? It shows the frailty of humans unless you have Krishna as your charioteer.
And ashvathama? He is your thirst for revenge born from your knowledge drona
Who is dhritarashtra? Oh! The person blind to the vices. He is destined to suffer. The old man exclaimed.
What about Gandhari. She is your virtue but when she turns a blind eye to your vices. Krishna has to come and destroy the vices.
Who was Shikhandi. He is your karma from earlier births. When it stands with krishna . Can destroy even the great bheeshma.
I nodded. I looked at the ground, consumed with a million thoughts, trying to put everything together and then when I looked up the Old man was gone. He seemed to have disappeared in the column of dust.
Later, when I checked into the hotel I saw a large painting of Ved Vyasa narrating the Mahabharata to Lord Ganesha and I could swear that the Sage looked exactly like the Old man who met in the dust.

Vishwaroopa Darshana

The name brings to mind the frightening,grand universal form shown by Krishna  to Arjuna in the battlefield. It was like Nostradamus type prediction but in a video format showing current affairs and things to come.Bhisma,Duryodhana,Drona and others along with countless foot soldiers from either side were being railroaded into the jaws of gory death.
Arjuna was stunned and finally understood that all things were preordained by the Lord and that we are but pawns in this cosmic play. He requested for switching off the gory scene and a return to the more acceptable amiable four armed form of the Lord.
The supreme in His Vishwa form is situated in the right eye of every human being and shows us the outer world during our waking hours. Continue reading Vishwaroopa Darshana


Krupanena samo daataa na bhooto na bhavishyati

No donor greater than a miser was ever born or will be born in the future. Because he donates everything without touching.(on his death.) he fulfills the criterion that what one hand gives the other hand should not know.
On death you leave everything behind. Even your dear body does not accompany you.without hands how will you carry your money?
Give until it hurts , says Mother Theresa. Donate as much as you can where you have hands still. Punya will follow you. Encash it in next birth/s.

Total Surrender – Sharanaagati by V.M.Pai

There are many occasions in our life when we are elated by good news.This could be awards or rewards in recognition of our efforts such as degrees ,diplomas etc.,or winning contests or lucrative business contracts,or getting windfall gains .People come in with congratulatory messages..  We feel joyous and try to explain these achievements as result of our efforts,hard work and intellect. Continue reading Total Surrender – Sharanaagati by V.M.Pai

Dharma -much misunderstood word

Nowadays we hear a lot about the word secularism,saffronism,dharmaatita etc in our daily news,views and discourse.This has gone to such extent that our people are made to feel guilty whenever a reference is made to dhaarmic practices such as Havana,yajnas,discourses on Ramayana,Bhagavatha and other treasures of heritage. It is therefore high time that we understood the true meaning of dharma.
Dharma is a Sanskrit word whose root is ‘dhra’which means ‘to support’or’to hold’.Therefore dharma supports us or holds us.Without dharma we would all fall.  Another meaning of dharma is ‘property’or ‘characteristic’. For instance it is the dharma of fire to burn,to give heat and light. It is the dharma of water to quench thirst,to cool ,dharma of earth to support(earth is therefore called dhirthi.)etc.
On the other hand,our so-called secular leaders want our country to be dharmatitha which literary means beyond dharma.It is impossible for anybody to be beyond dharma.Fire will burn etc.water will quench regardless.
The basic rule  given to us is ‘Satyam Vada,Dharmam chara’,which means speak the truth,observe dharma or respect dharma.

Vedas are divine gifts given to us by the Supreme Lord and they are a detailed guide to us,embodied living beings,to lead meaningful lives.Do not be misled by anti vedic propaganda.Please try to understand the vedic teachings thru authorised sources or thru teachers who are genuine gurus,How to identify such gurus.See if they themselves follow what they preach,see if they are enamoured by wealth,honour and and bodily comforts,see if they they themselves are engaged in the regular and scrupulous observance of austerities ,see if they are transparent in all activities.

Bhagavatha gives us a great measure for dharma.
‘Dharmah projjhita kaitavah ‘
Dharma should be  completely devoid of all cheating and hypocrisy.Projjhita means there is no place for even a minor cheating.

Bhagavatha also gives us valuable guidelines as  to the place of dharma with regard to the other three purushaartaas or goals to be aspired for,viz artha or wealth,kaama or desires,and moksha or liberation.(also called apavarga).

Dharmasya hyaapavargasya naarthorthaaya cha kalpathay

Naarthasya dharmaykaanthaaya kaamo laabhaaya hi smruthum

Kaamasya nayndriya preetih laabho jeevaytha yaavathaa

Jeevasya tattwa jijnaasa naartho yasyeha karmabhih.

Dharma shall be used only for liberation,not for earning wealth, wealth shall be used only for dharma,of course after meeting  basic desires.Desires shall not be used for pleasing the senses but for maintaining life,and life shall be used for understanding tattwa or principles ,not for amassing wealth thru whatever activities.

If we analyse the above guidelines carefully,understand them and apply them in our daily lives,we would be rid of the confusion sought to be created by secularists and would be leading meaningful lives.

Naarthasya dharmaykaanthaaya kaamo laabhaaya

The way out – Satsang or the company of saints

So far,we discussed about the compelling attractions of the nine gated city,and how we are held under the thrall of its attractions which makes it very difficult to develop dispassion or vairagya.

Vishayeshu alambuddhih vairagyaritiruchyatay.Vairaagya is the conviction that ‘I have had enough-no more-‘about sense pleasures..
Sense pleasures are so attractive and comforting that we do not feel that we have had enough. Continue reading The way out – Satsang or the company of saints

Frolics of the jiva

We saw earlier that the jiva has forgotten the Lord.This is because it has got a temporary lease of the delightful city of nine gates.It is busy exploring the limitless sights,sounds,tastes which is now available.

 Aakarshuka hey adbhuta pattana
 Panchendriyaanka hey khelaangana.
 Attractive indeed is this wonderful city
It is the playground for the five senses.
 Elsewhere Bhagavatha has compared the jiva to the harrowed husband of five lovely and lovely wives. Each is trying to pull him away from others and keep him occupied.We have all experienced at some time the all compelling pull of taste buds,attractive odours,comforting touches,sexual attractions etc.

Owing to such competing forces all the time the living being has no time to remember his dearest friend and well wisher and nearest neighbour ,the Supreme Lord.So near yetsofar.

Because of these and such frolics,the jiva is not able to discern the passing away of time and its closing in ,slowly but surely.And yet we are not inclined to think of our resident well wisher.

Continue reading Frolics of the jiva