Learn from Rama -14 – No binge shopping; never remain idle

श्रैष्ठ्यं शास्त्रसमूहेषु प्राप्तो व्यामिश्रकेषु च |
अर्थधर्मौ च संगृह्य सुखतन्त्रो न चालसः ||  (वा रा २-१-२७)

          Rama was proficient in Shastras as well as other works like dramas, poems (also shastras and their subsidiaries). He enjoyed the pleasures (comforts) only after understanding the principles of righteousness and only after checking the economy and its soundness. Rama never remained idle.

This is in continuation to the previous verse where we saw that Rama was careful about how the money is spent. This verse further explains Rama’s position. Lord Rama seems to be saying no to the binge shopping culture we see today. Spending money on essentials is important, but when anything is bought, one should validate whether its economical, whether it fits in line with one’s finances and whether it follows the principles of righteousness.

But it does not mean that one should not enjoy the pleasures. Rama enjoys all the pleasures, but without breaking the principles mentioned above. Shastras say: अनिषिद्ध सुखत्यागि पशुरेव न संशयः (Isn’t a person not enjoying unforbidden pleasure, similar to an animal?)

A person should enjoy the comforts without being a miser, but within the permissive limits of both righteousness and the economics.

The other attribute we see in Lord Rama is that He is never inactive. Idleness is seen everywhere as a rust attaching to good metals. A person must always be active. Rama, though a rich prince raised in the palace with all comforts, is never idle.

Let such Rama who activates every person in this world, to do everything, make us enjoy the pleasures following the path of righteousness.

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