Rama – Gunabhirama -21

He is the controller of all; How can He envy?

Envy is the last among the six enemies of humans that we have been seeing in the last few verses. Can Rama be envious of someone?

न मद्वशोऽसाविति चित्ततोदं मात्सर्यमार्याः समुदाहरन्ति |
विश्वं च यद्वश्यमवश्यमेतत् स मत्सरी चेत् तुरगोपि शृंगी || (
सं। रा २।१।२)

The wise say ‘the agitation of the mind that – this person is not under my control, is known as envy/jealousy’. When the whole world is absolutely under His control, how can He be called envious? If He is jealous, then horses have horns!

अप्रीतिर्मद्वशो नायं इति मत्सर ईरितः (भागवत तात्पर्य)

As explained in the above definition from Bhagavata Tatparya, jealousy is that agony one feels when s/he sees that another person is not under his/her control. When everything in this world is under Rama’s control, how can He be envious of something? Just like horses can have no horns, Rama too cannot be jealous.

यो यो गुणो नाम स एव रामे यो यश्च दोषः स तु नैव तस्मिन् | (सं। रा २।१।२९)

Anything known as a virtue is in Rama. Anything known as a defect is never in Rama.

Let such defect-less Rama, who is also full of virtues, protect us always!

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