Rama – Gunabhirama -19

Rama removes delusion;  How can He have it?

In the previous verses we saw that Rama cannot be troubled by desire, anger, greed. But He can be in delusion, can’t He? No!

प्रयांति शांतिं किल यत्प्रसादात् मोहाद्यवद्यानि कुतोस्य मोहः |
यस्याहिमांशोरुदये व्यपैति महान्धकारोऽत्र कुतोऽन्धकारः 
 || (सं। रा २।१।२)

Just by the blessings of Rama, many defects like delusion (moha) are removed in His devotees. How can He have delusion? Can there be darkness in Sun, who removes all the darkness?

Rama removes all the defects in His devotees, including moha (delusion). He can never have moha, either in His mula rupa (Narayana) or when born on earth in the form on human (Rama) or in any avatara form, for that matter.

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