Learn from Rama -15 – Control your anger; don’t humiliate anybody

अनसूयो जितक्रोधो न दृप्तो न च मत्सरी |
न चावमन्ता भूतानां न च कालवशानुगः ||  (वा रा २-१-३०/३१)

Rama had no jealousy. He had conquered anger. Rama was devoid of arrogance and envy. Rama had not humiliated any living being. Also, Rama had not surrendered to time.

Humans have many defects and the major ones that are considered as enemies are: kaama (lust), krodha (anger), mada (pride/intoxication), lobha (greed), moha (illusion), maatsarya (envy). All our shastras ask us to get over these enemies. These are the gateways to hell. None of the above six can be seen in Rama. Lord Rama, of course is devoid of all defects. He had conquered anger. He was not arrogant despite being the best archer, foremost warrior. (Also refer ‘Learn from Rama-4’ for more). He also never envied anyone.

Arrogance also leads person to humiliate others. Lord Rama had never humiliated any being – at His palace or elsewhere. (Nor could anybody humiliate Rama)

Each of the above are the attributes that we, insignificant beings, should emulate from Rama. Arrogance for our atomic capabilities, envying others for them being better than us, humiliating others and showing them in low light are our common behaviours.

Rama shows us how to behave, what to shun, how to treat others. Let such Rama remove our defects and make us follow His path always.

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