Learn from Rama – 17

Rama – Gunabhirama -17 – He gets nothing unpleasant; how can He have anger?

In the previous verse we saw that Rama cannot be troubled by desire/lust. What about anger, which most are troubled by?

प्रियस्य हानिर्न कदाचिदस्य प्रियेतरस्यापि न सम्भवः स्यात् |
क्रोधस्ततो लक्ष्मणपूर्वजस्य पराजितः पादरजांस्युपास्ते || (सं। रा २।१।२३)

Lord Rama never loses anything that He wants; Nor does He get something He does not like. Therefore, ‘anger’ remains defeated and fallen, worshipping the dust off Rama’s feet.

One gets anger for two reasons.

1)    Losing something one wants, desiresOr not getting what one desires.

2)    Getting something one does not like – an unpleasant happening

Whereas, for Rama, the above two reasons are invalid. Neither does He lose what He desires, not does He get anything unpleasant. So, the defect ‘anger’ which all of us are troubled by, never ever troubles Rama.

Always remember that fully independent Rama can have no defects.

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