Chathurmasa Vratha of His Holiness Srimad Samyamindra Thirtha Swamiji at Bangalore Sri Kashi Math ————- A Report by V.M. Pai

H.H.Srimad Samyamindra Thirtha Swamiji, Patta Shishya of Mathadipathi H.H.Srimad Sudhindra Thirtha Swamiji arrived in Bangalore on 18th July from His Hubli Camp for the Chathurmasa at around 8.30 PM and was accorded a rousing reception at the Bangalore Sri Kashi Math in Malleswaram. This is the first time that Bangalore is witnessing a Chathurmasa by H.H.Swamiji after the Punar Prathistha of the deities of the Kashi Math Samsthan.

The following is a brief report of the events that took place during the Chathurmasa.

Punya Thithi of Srimad Sukrathindra Thirtha Swamiji was observed on 23rd July. At 7.30 PM on that day  there was a memorable Swarna Garuda Vahana Pooja  to the Deities of the Samsthan by H.H. Swamiji followed by Guru Guna Gana and Ashirvachan by Swamiji.

Chathurmasa Vratha Sweekar by Swamiji was on 27th July starting with Sanidhya Havana Poornahuti and Mruthika Pooja rituals followed by Mudra Dharana by Swamiji to the Shishya Varga.

In the evening, Anugraha Pravachana by Swamiji dealt on the signifance of the Chathurmasa Vratha and it’s attendant benefits to the Samaj.

The customary monthly Sathya Narayana Pooja at the Math on 28th July was blessed by H.H.Swamiji. The day also saw the commencement of a 8 day Rik Samhitha Yaga with the Poornahuthi on 4th Aug at the Holy Hands of H.H.Swamiji. Also on 4th Aug, a unique All India Bhajana Sammelana was held when the convenor Sri Puttur Narasimha Nayak explained the rationale behind the traditional method of singing Bhajans as per the Madhwa Haridasa Sampradaya. This was held in the auspicious presence of H.H. Swamiji who blessed the gathering.

Nagapanchami as well as the Punya Thithi of Srimad Madhavendra Thirtha Swamiji was observed on 11th Aug. The same day also marked the commencement of a 7 day and night Akhanda Bhajana Sapthaha in which Bhajana Mandalis from Bangalore, Dakshina Kannada, Udupi, Kerala and Mumbai participated. The highlight of the programme was a traditional Bhajana as per the Varkari Sampradaya by a Varkari group from Mumbai. The Bhajana Sapthaha concluded on 18th Aug.

H.H.Swamiji distributed free Scholarships to deserving students given every year by the Sri Parthasarathi charitable trust of the Samsthan Sri Kashi Math on 25th Aug.

From 19th Aug to 25th Aug Parayana and Vyakhyana of Sri Vishnu Purana was conducted by Vedamurthi Vasudevabhat and Vidvan Dhananjaya Acharya respectively.

On Rig Upakarma day on 20th Aug, Shishya Varga was fortunate to wear the sacred Yajnopavita through the Holy Hands of H.H.Swamiji.

The 101st Ashrama Sweekar Day of Parama Poojya H.H.Srimad Sukruthindra Thirtha Swamiji was observed on 24th Aug. Sri Maha Vishnu Havana was also conducted on the same day by Vedamurthi Yogish Bhat and other Vaidiks. H.H. Swamiji offered the Poornahuthi.

On Sunday 25th Aug, the routine monthly Sathya Narayana Pooja was held when H.H. Swamiji blessed the gathering.

On 28th Aug, Sri Krishna Janmashthami observed in the Math. At the Sri Parthsarathi Mandir of the Math, Tulasidala was offered through Sri Vishnu Sahasra Nama and Krishna Asthothara. Arghya was offered after Chandrodaya.

Sri Narasimha Havana was concluded on 31st Aug by Vedamurthi Padmanabha Bhat and other Vaidiks. H.H.Swamiji offered the Poornahuti.

Sri Srinivasa Mahatmya Parayana and Vyakhyana were conducted from 1st Sep to 7th Sep by Vedamurthi Kalyanapura Sudhir Bhat and Dr. Mhalgi Ramacharya respectively. On 7th Sep, a Mulamanthra Havana was conducted by Vedamurthi Kalyanpur Ramachandra Bhat and other Vaidiks. Poornahuti was offered on 7th Sep by H.H. Swamiji.

Sri Ganesh Chaturthi was observed with pomp and gaiety for five days from 9th Sep to 13th Sep. Ganesha Idols were consecrated both at the Math in the Swamiji hall as well as at the branch Math on ground floor. On all the days Shishya Varga offered different types of Poojas at both places. Ganesha Visarjana took place on 13th evening after a ceremonial procession through the nearby streets in Malleswaram. Unique feature this year was immersion of the idols in a specially constructed pond in the Math premises.

Traditional Prostapadi Bhagavatha Sapthaha was held from 10th Sep to 16th Sep, when Parayana was by Vedamurthi Harisrinivas Bhat and Vyakhyana by Vidwan Madhusudhana Acharya. A three day long  Dashama Skanda Havana was concluded on 15th Sep by Vedamurthi Thrivikrama Bhat and others when Poornahuti was offered by H.H. Swamiji.

Anantha Chathurdashi (Nopi) was observed with the traditional decoration of the deity both in the Math in the Swamiji Hall as well as in the branch Math.

Thursday 19th Sep saw concluding ritual of Mruthika Visarjana by H.H.Swamiji followed by Seemollanghana and Anugraha Ashirvachana by H.H. Swamiji.

This is was the formal conclusion of Chathurmasa Vratha of H.H. Swamiji at the end of Four Pakshas or fortnights. In his Ashirvachana Swamiji blessed all the Shishyavarga who came not only from every corner of Bangalore but also from Mangalore, Dakshina Kannada, Udupi, Kerala and Mumbai Etc..

I have highlighted here only the special events which took place one after another in which thousands of people took active part. Of course, the usual Trikala Poojas were conducted every day by H.H. Swamiji with the traditional Alankara and other rituals from morning 7 AM to evening 10 PM.

On every Saturday Evening Bhagvad Gita Satsangs are being conducted where H.H.Swamiji blesses devotees with the Ashirvachana. Also in the evening people came for Bhet of H.H. Swamiji and for receiving the blessings.  Every evening children attending the function are blessed by the swamiji with the Prasad of fruits.

The camp of H.H.Swamiji will continue till 20th Nov with the calendar till then being packed with many more events. Particular mention must be made of Navarathri when Vahana Poojas will be conducted. A traditional Digvijaya procession is planned for Saturday 9th Nov. H.H.Swamiji will bless the Shishyavarga on Sunday 10th Nov in the evening.

In conclusion this camp of H.H.Swamiji and the Chathurmasa has been of great value to the Shishyavaraga in Bangalore. Particularly the young people attending could witness for perhaps the first time what Trikala Pooja by Swamiji means. H.H.Swamiji has time and again stressed the need for our people to regularly observe wholeheartedly our traditional practices of Sandhya Vandana, Tulsi Pooja Etc..

People also benefited through the number of Havans, Puranavyakyana Etc., by learned Vidwans.

It can definitely be said that programmes so far have been intensive and meaningful. In addition to the feast for the ears and eyes, it has also been a feast for the tongue and the stomach, as the traditional Prasad for which Sri Kashi Math is well known is being served regularly.

Date:24-09-2013                                                V. M.Pai

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