Spruhaa-the primordial stirring

Every jiva or living being is guided by and lives to fulfil its innate primordial stirring or spruhaa which is its basic characteristic.No two jivas are alike. Even when shorn of limbs physical facilities or even the body and held in the womb of Naaraayana in dissolution this stirring goes on . 

Aaseed udaara gunavaaridhi aprameyo Naaraayana paratarah paramaath sa ekah

Samshaanth Samvid akhilam jatharay nidhaaya Laxmi bhujaantharagatha swarathopi chaagre

Tasyodarastha jagatah sadamandra saandrah tustavapushopi Ramaaramasya

Bhootai nijashritasya janasya srujjya veekshya babhoova paranaama nimeshakanthay

Naaraayana in yogic slumber in pralayaa had the entire subtle creation including the jivas shorn of their bodies, was moved by the primordial stirrings of the jivas who are under his protection and control at all times.

Shruti Gita tells us that His consort Laxmi pleaded to the Lord on behalf of all jivas to start the creation cycle again and confer embodiment on the jivas again so that they can again fulfil their primordial stirrings thru such bodies.

Spruhaa,the primordial stirring of the jiva is a powerful force which guides the actions of the jivas-rather the tendency to act.Of course,the actual action is enabled by the Supreme thru the respective sensory facility-five jnanendriyaas and five karmendriyas.

It is Spruhaa which is the root cause of samsaara-the whirligig.. The living being commits the biggest blunder by its forgetfulness of the Supreme though  both are present side by side in the body.Because of such forgetfulness,the jiva is unaware of its sat chit and Ananda swarupa and thinks of itself as miserable etc.


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