Another New Year

Years come and go.Days come and go.Moments come and go.Not a moment stands still.Movement of time is closely interlinked with the movement of the sun,which is described in great detail in Srimad Bhagavatam(SK.5_chapter 21).

The tiniest atomic particle of time is called a dwyanuka which is not perceivable to the naked eye.What is perceivable however,is a tryanuka,which is the duration it takes for a sunray to enter a darkroom thru a window which has  been just opened.A tryanuka is twice the duration of a dwyanuka.Further up the scale of time are truti,vedha,kshana and much later,muhurta,prahara,nimisha,galige,etc.and ultimately the day is over.Another day dawns.

This movement of the sun goes on mercilessly without any stoppage or delay.Bhagavatha compares the movement of wheel of time thru a gear consisting of 365 ridges corresponding to 365 days of the year.

Those wishing to study further the movement of the sun thru different zodiac signs,planets etc. are advised to read Bhagavatha SK.5.

My point here is that there is absolutely no part played by us mortals in functioning of time except as hapless victims.

It is our bounden duty to thank sungod everyday by giving arghya to Suryanarayana.
It is said that the Supreme Lord makes His presence felt to nonbelievers and atheists thru Kaala,which everyone has to bow down to.No one is exempt from the ravages of time.

What then is the significance of yet another new year 2016,which shall also pass in another years time-Of course,there is the mundane task of exchanging greetings,diaries,calenders,gifts etc.

In my view we should view each passing year,nay day,nay moment with concern,if in that period we have not remembered the merciful Lord,who has bestowed on us this amazing nine gated smart city,the human body to live in.He has made it so smart and comfortable that we tend to forget the donor.Most people run thru their lives,completely oblivious to His presence,though He is present along with us throughout the tenure.

What better way to celebrate the new year,than to thank Him for His mercies and to pray to Him to never let us forget Him,even for a moment.

We are all co passengers in this bullet train of Kaalachakra,which has no stop or halt,oblivious of the speed with which the train is moving,just as an ant which happens to be on the moving wheel of a potter.I read that China has recently designed a continuously running train with no stops,where the passengers who wish to get off the train,are transferred  to another docking compartment of a second train which has stops.

We are already on such a train.Jai ShriKrishna.

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