Learn from Rama – Part 1

In this series, let us try to understand the personality of Lord Rama, from few verses of Valmiki Ramayana.

Lord Rama, the greatest Guru, teaches through His words, His deeds, the finest lessons to be followed in our lives.

These are not just for those olden days of Ramayana, but highly relevant even in this century, in our day to day operations, at our office, homes. Our management masters must learn from the most popular Guru.

Let us read and learn to the extent possible.

Learn from Rama -1

नित्यं प्रशान्तात्मा मृदुपूर्वं तु भाषते |
उच्यमानोऽपि परुषं नोत्तरं प्रतिपद्यते || १०

Rama is soft-spoken and has an ever-peaceful mind. He does not even react, if others use harsh words against Him.

‘I am a very nice person, I always speak softly, gently. But you see, there are others who are rude, and they make me speak rudely too!’ This is our everyday statement. Every person rates himself/herself very highly. According to us, our words are gentle. But only when others instigate, we too speak their language swearing them using bad words. ‘Oh come on! You don’t expect me to just shut up if the opposite party speaks rudely at me. Why should I take it?

This is our argument. But Lord Rama teaches us: Speak softly always. If others’ reply is harsh, don’t bother to respond!

The war of words would never end, if we start shouting at each other! There are umpteen examples of broken relationships due to spoken words. As the saying goes ‘things you say about others, say a lot about you’. Peace of mind is the most important element sought after now. If we wish to have a pleasant self with a calm, peaceful and happy mind, we just need to follow what Rama advises us to do. Let such Rama who speaks soft and pleasing words, make us speak similarly by being inside us.

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