Chapter 2. Vasudeva’s query to Narada on Bhagavatha Dharma and Narada’s narration of instruction by nine yogis to King Nimi – instruction by Kavi and Hari

In the second chapter Sri Suka reports of a casual visit of Narada to Dwarka where he visits Vasudeva and in turn is requested by Vasudeva to be instructed in the Bhagavatha Dharma or devotional duties through which mortal beings could be rid of all fear. By way of answer, Narada narrates the instructions of the nine yogis (sons of Rishabha and descendants of Priyavrita) to King Nimi at a Brahma Satra which is a prolonged sacrifical festival of scriptural discussion.

The Second chapter details the instructions of the first among the nine yogis viz., Kavi, on Bhagavatha Dharma, as to how a devotee who has fully surrendered himself to the Lord, obtains simultaneously three things viz., intense devotion to the Lord, experience of Him and aversion to other objects.

The all too familiar shlokas “kayena vaacha mansendriya” is a part of Kavi’s instructions. King Nimi’s next question about the characteristics of the Lord’s devotee, his disposition, course of conduct etc. is answered by the second of the yogis, Hari, in detail. The foremost among the devotees, Bhagavathothama, is he who knows that the Lord is the inspirational source of all beings, Brahma downwards. He is not deluded by the ups and downs in samsara and does not identify himself with the body and in whose mind the craving for enjoyment, the impulse for action and the seeds for future incarnation never sprout; and for whom Lord Vasudeva is the only resort.

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