Chapter 30. Evacuation of population from Dwarka to Prabhasa – the curse runs its course – Yadu race perishes in the internecine war.

In the 30th chapter, King Parikshit asks Sri Suka about the events that followed Uddhava’s departure to Badarikashram and how Sri Krishna, whose race had been put under the spell of the Brahman’s curse, took away His Divine Body, the most beloved of the eyes of all to His Abode. Sri Suka, in his reply, said that Sri Krishna, seeing evil portents of a grave nature manifest in the heavens, earth and the intermediate region, advised the elders of the Yadus to arrange for the evacuation of the population of the city of Dwaraka, at once and go to Prabhasa, where the river Saraswathi flows towards the west.

Sri Krishna further instructed them to worship the Gods there with concentrated mind. Accordingly, they led a procession of Yadus to Prabhasa in chariots, crossing the sea by means of barks, where they performed the ceremonies as enjoined by Sri Krishna. After the ceremonies however, they drank highly intoxicating liquor called Maireyaka by which the intellect is perverted. This led to a very bitter clash between the heroes who were drunk and who were deluded by the enchanting potency of Sri Krishna. They finished off one another, fighting with bows, arrows, swords, spears, bludgeons, lances, using chariots, elephants, bulls etc. Sons fought with their fathers, brothers with brothers, friends with friends, deluded as they all were.

After exhausting all arrows and other weapons, they tore up the Eraka grass and converted their bits into weapons. The fury engendered by rivalry of those warriors who were possessed by the curse of the brahmins and whose judgment had been obscured by the deluding potency of Sri Krishna, brought about their own destruction, even as fire produced by the friction of bamboos would consume a whole forest. All His own people as well as clans having thus perished Sri Krishna concluded that the remaining burden of the earth was also removed. Balarama cast off his human semblance at the seashore resorting to Yoga.

Perceiving the ascent of Sri Balarama to his own Realm, Lord Sri Krishna went up to a sacred fig tree and sat down quietly resting His back against the trunk. He revealed His four-armed Divine Form there, which was most auspicious to look at. At that point, Jara, a hunter who had forged his arrow out of the iron pieces left after pulverizing the metal pestle, mistook Sri Krishna’s foot for the mouth of a deer and aimed the arrow, which pierced the foot of the Lord. Realizing his stupendous blunder, Jara begged the Lord for forgiveness and asked to be killed as punishment for the offence committed. Sri Krishna assured the hunter that the whole event had unfolded as per the design of Sri Krishna and the hunter had played his part well, for which he was permitted by Him to ascend to heaven. Now, Sri Krishna’s charioteer, Daruka, chanced upon to see his Master and Lord in this predicament and lamented the same.  Just as he was wailing he saw Sri Krishna’s divine chariot distinguished by the emblem of Garuda rise to the sky, horses, banner and all, followed by the transcendent weapons of the Lord.

Sri Krishna then advised Daruka to proceed forthwith to Dwaraka, and convey to the people there, the news of the destruction of the Yadus at the hands of one another, the departure of Sri Balarama, as well as the Lords own predicament. Lord Krishna wanted Daruka to also convey to the people not to stay any longer in Dwaraka, but to abandon the same forthwith. The Lord instructed Daruka to accompany Devaki and Vasudeva, guarded by Arjuna to Indraprastha. The Lord finally blessed Daruka. Instructed thus by Sri Krishna, Daruka left for Dwaraka, after circumambulating and bowing to the Lord. Thus ends the 30th chapter.

One thought on “Chapter 30. Evacuation of population from Dwarka to Prabhasa – the curse runs its course – Yadu race perishes in the internecine war.

  1. But there is no mention of the attacks on the city by Krishna’s arch-enemy Salva who wanted to avenge the death of his friend Shishupal. Salva had attached Dwarka when Krishna was away and defeated Krishna’s sons. Timely arrival of Krishna saved the complete annihilation. After Salva’s defeat and death, Krishna ordered move of his armies towards north and north-east and at the same time sent message to Arjuna for immediate evacuation of Dwarka. Arjuna did arrive and took all men, women and children with him including Krishna’s father Vasudeva, who died shortly. Arjuna lost a large portion of his convoy to the looters en route, Arjuna was physically very weak due to mysterious reasons, perhaps due to the effects he had suffered during his stay at Dwarka. He somehow managed to take the survivors to Hastinapur. Meanwhile, after the battle Krishna’s army succumbed to rivalry after internal feuds chiefly between Satyaki and Kritavarma. Balaram had by this time already left the scene and Krishna eventually killed all and sat into penance to be killed by Jara by mistake. The remnants were finally recovered by the Pandavas who came searching for them and conducted their last rites.
    This event is given in great details in Mahabharat.

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