Chapter 16. Powerful manifestations (vibhutis) of the Supreme Lord.

In the sixteenth chapter Uddhava wants to know from the Lord, those particular activities, by contemplation through which on the Lord with devotion, men of wisdom are able to attain the highest perfection. Uddhava wants to know all of those powerful manifestations of the Lord, invested with divine glory that may exist on earth, in the quarters, in heaven or in the subterranean regions.

The Lord in reply says that the same question was put to Him by Arjuna during Mahabharata war (Vibhuti Yoga-chapter 10,Gita). The lord then lists exhaustively His vibhutis . The Lord says towards the end “As the primary atoms are countless and as I know that they have no number by which they can be reckoned, I, full with all attributes, do not indulge in the fruitless task of counting them; in the same way, I who create crores and crores of universes, do not count my countless attributes (manifestations).

Wherever there is glory, affluence, renown, authority, modesty, liberality, elegance, good luck, valour, endurance and knowledge of truth, that is, indeed My part manifestation. These are My glorious manifestations made known to you in brief. All these words and names appear to denote different things. In fact they denote those things in a primary sense. For all words and names denote Me primarily. Therefore meditate on Me as denoting all words and names. Meditate on Sri Hari as the Sovereign Controller of all jeevas. If you realize this truth, you will be liberated. Thus ends the sixteenth chapter.

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