Chapter 15. Names and characteristics of siddhis or mystic powers acquired through yoga.

In the 15th chapter, the Lord tells Uddhava that siddhis (mystic powers) of various kinds wait upon the yogi of steady mind who has subdued his senses and controlled his breath and concentrated his mind on the Lord. The siddhis are listed and then described.

Eight principal siddhis, chiefly abiding in the Lord are Anima (reducing ones body to the size of an atom), mahima (magnifying it to a gigantic size), laghima (extreme lightening of the body), prapti (establishing contact with others’ senses with a view to enjoying their objects), prakasya (ability to witness and enjoy things and matters, which one has either heard or witnessed) isita (capacity to impel Maya and other subordinate potencies to function according to ones will), vasita (absence of attachment to sense pleasures), kamavapsyati(experience in full the pleasures of any sense enjoyment by willing so, without actually coming into contact with the sense object).

Fifteen other siddhis derived from the above 8 principal ones are also listed and described. Thereafter the mode of concentration required for the manifestation of each of the siddhis is described. Although conquering the senses, taming the mind and controlling the breath and body, practise of concentration on the Lord, can produce the siddhi sought, the wise however say that these siddhis are hurdles in the path of liberation for those who practice the path of liberation, for those who practice the path of concentration, capable of yielding mukti (liberation), straightaway. Thus ends the fifteenth chapter.

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