Learn from Rama – Part 3

शीलवृद्धैर्ज्ञानवृद्धैर्वयोवृद्धैश्च सज्जनैः |
कथयन्नास्त वै नित्यमस्त्रयोग्यान्तरेष्वपि || २-१-१२

Rama, despite His busy schedule of practicing warfare/archery everyday, makes time to converse with the noble, with the elderly ones – elder by conduct, elder by wisdom, or elder by age

If there is one thing we do not find these days, it is ‘time’. We are ever busy with work, commute, household chores, taking care of the kids etc., and never realize the lost day. Most never have a ‘free-time’; because our free time is spent on entertainment, mobile and useless chats. The time lost in these activities is never noticed. Neither did we acquire new knowledge, nor did it help anybody, and of course it never provided us any peace. Rama asks us to spend time with the elderly. Today, we don’t want the advice of the elderly, those with good conduct are rarely found, the wisdom of the wise is not needed anymore; and we have already thrown out our old-aged parents.

Rama, is an administrator, a kshatriya, who has to spend time on practicing archery and other royal arts every day; but He finds time, rather, makes time to converse with elderly, the wise, the sajjanas. He wants us to follow Him. That is the only way to reach the top!

Let such Rama, who is present in the elderly as well as the young, guide us to have the right company, the company of the noble!

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