Learn from Rama – Part 4

बुद्धिमान्मधुराभाषी पूर्वभाषी प्रियंवदः |
वीर्यवान्नच वीर्येण महता स्वेन विस्मितः || २-१-१३

The wise Rama always speaks sweetly. He is the first one to initiate a dialogue. His speech is compassionate. Though, valorous, Rama is not arrogant of His mighty valor.

There are many books available that teach us ‘how to start a conversation?’. Lord Rama, the greatest teacher, shows it by example. Not only should our words be sweet, but we should also be the first to start a conversation. Not just with strangers, Rama teaches us to speak openly and initiate that conversation even with people whom we know. Being the prince of the biggest empire, being the best person on earth, Rama, is not arrogant. He initiates the dialogue, with a smiling face, with an inviting attitude, with a sweet talk and with soft spoken words. His valour like many of His other attributes is matchless, but He does not show-off, He is not proud, does not hold a superiority complex. Also, Rama is wise! But that wisdom has not brought arrogance in Him either.

We, insignificant beings, show arrogance, are proud of our miniscule success stories like ‘I know this, I play well, I speak well, I sing well, I am rich, I am a born genius…’ the list goes on. But Rama, the mightiest warrior, gives no space to pretentious displays.

As the saying goes, ‘how you treat people tells all’. Rama teaches us to shun arrogance, to speak with sweet words, to be the first to initiate a dialogue, to not show-off.

May such sweet Rama, always be present in us, making us speak sweetly and may He always remove the arrogance in us.

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